WCW: Meet the Stylish and Inspiring Celebrity Makeup Artist, Jasmin Cara Junio

The beauty industry can be a really competitive world and you always have to stay updated to the latest trends, since it’s always changing.

Jasmin Junio, makeup artist, and hairstylist is someone that has been able to keep up with the trends. Her charisma and talent has allowed her to succeed in her career and gave her the chance to work with different celebrities like JLo, Maluma and Danna Paola.

On today’s WCW, we’re excited to feature Jasmin, so she can share with our Rawly Bold Crew her story and inspire all of you to trust yourself and pursue your dreams.

Get to know her a little bit more!

Who is Jasmin Junio?


I am Filipino American, born and raised on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles.  If I could describe myself in one word, I would say CURIOUS. I am thankful enough to say I have created a lot of beauty with the skill of my hands and intense attention to detail.

How did you start your career as a hairstylist and makeup artist?

I began at Paul Mitchell with a cosmetology license and then, I began to find myself searching for more creative outlets outside of salon life. I assisted on sets and graduated to be hired as lead hair and makeup artist for music videos.

Was there a time in your career when you wanted to give up? How did you overcome it? 

Absolutely!!!! To be honest, it is usually my body that wants to give up first because this job is almost 80% physical. With a minimum of 10 hour days and doing this for over a decade, its very important to take care of my body. 

If I'm ever mentally challenged, I usually just remind myself that I have been through worse and overcame worse in my life, and that always shifts my perspective rather quickly.



How was the experience of working with celebrities like Maluma, Danna Paola and Jennifer Lopez? 

I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with extremely hard-working artists, you see why they became who they are. It’s hard not to have certain expectations but I've been lucky to have all these artists exceed them. 

What advice would you tell your younger self related to career, love and body image?

As far as a career, I  would say "mistakes are apart of the process and you don't have to do ONE thing for the rest of your life so don't be scared to commit or change”. 


On love, this will sound cliche, but I would say focus on YOU for a loooong time.


On body image, I would say start taking care of your health and wellness at the age of 21 because it will play a huge role in what you look like at 90.

We would love to share with our readers 3 quick makeup tips from an expert like yourself! 

I’m flattered:) 

  1. Don't buy into all the hype of new makeup because their basically the same, just reinvented.

  2. Buffing technique: Swirl a fluffy brush into pressed or loose powder and buff into skin with or without foundation and magically you look filtered.

  3. Expensive makeup doesn't mean "better".



Which Rawly Bold top you think relates the most to you and your story? Why?

I would go with "Trust Yo'self". I think this is huge and one of the many keys to peace and happiness.


It’s one thing to let go of control over things that may or may not happen but its a whole different mindset when you believe that no matter what happens in your life, you trust yourself enough to get through anything.


Heartbreak, divorce, money, family, health....no matter what I trust that I can find a way to accept and overcome.



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