WCW: Meet Lauryn & Ashley, Founders of 5B Swim: A Swimwear Brand Created To Make You Feel Empowered And Confident

Never underestimate the power of a good bikini! There’s so much more than looking good in a bikini. Besides the right swimsuit giving you a trendy look on the beach, it should make you feel comfortable, empowered and confident, something all of us look for when it comes to clothes, right?
Our feature for today's #WCW, we’re more than excited to introduce Lauryn and Ashley, the creators of 5B Swim. A New York City swimwear brand whose main goal is to make women feel empowered through their designs and pieces.
Stay with us and learn more about these awesome boss babes and their journey in order to pursue their dreams in the fashion industry.
Who are the girls behind 5B Swim?
Lauryn and Ashley are the founders behind 5B Swim. Lauryn is from Southern California and a total beach girl at heart. Ashley was born and raised in Northern Virginia. Both moved to New York City to pursue their careers and met at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Lauryn majored in Fashion Design specializing in Intimates and Ashley majored in Textile Design and Fabric Styling. We’re two friends who met in their early college years and now are business partners!
How did you decide to create a swimwear brand?
A simple collaboration. For senior year, design students have a senior show which showcases their creative work. Ashley designed prints and Lauryn made them into swimsuits. It was something we both already loved to do!  
Fast forward, a couple of months after graduation, we saw a space in the market we could fill. That collaboration sparked passion we both already had to do our own thing. Plus, we both love swimwear. 
Starting off creating reversible suits ALL made to order, we planned to create something bigger. 5B Swim was born. 
What is the biggest challenge you've ever had with your brand?
One of our biggest challenges was figuring out where to start. Starting a business from nothing is intimidating. Being two creatives, figuring out how to incorporate all the nitty-gritty and dealing with endless paperwork was a lot of words. It was challenging at first, but we learned a lot along the way and listened to every bit of advice we could get.  
When it comes to swimwear, women tend to look for pieces that make them feel confident in their bodies. What does 5B Swim do in order to make their clients feel beautiful and empowered with their pieces? 
Making our 5B babes feel confident in our swimwear is always our top priority. We are 5B babes! Feeling confident, empowered and comfortable all at the same time is the ultimate goal. We ask our babes what they want in a swimsuit, we want to know: what styles and looks make them feel the most comfortable or what they would want in a piece. We even ask ourselves too, do we feel comfortable and empowered in our own suit? Then we go to work. 
Each style is carefully designed. We do several fittings for every suit to make sure the fit is just right. With our suits being reversible, it also adds a layer of support. Our suits are made to complement the body and keep you in place so you’re ready for every adventure. 
What advice would you give to people that want to create a swimwear brand or collection?
Research! Get yourself out there and continue to learn. We started by making each suit as we got an order and only having a few colorway solid reversibles. The amount of trial and error we went through to finally lock down our sources felt like the longest process. After doing it once, we got better and better. 
Lauryn: Try not to get overwhelmed about all the small things and just go for it. Your passion will show through and that’s when you get a great product. 
Ashley: Starting anything feels like a roller coaster of emotions, successes and even failures. Don’t get stuck and keep going. Take each experience whether you feel it was a success or a failure and use it to grow. 
Which Rawly Bold top you think represents you and why?
Ashley: SEEK MAGIC DAILY. I live for this phrase. Living in the hustle life of New York City, sometimes I can feel worn out or feel like I’m not doing enough. But the beauty is there are so many opportunities and connections that just kind of happens. You can’t sit there and wait around hoping. Seek Magic Daily is the ultimate reminder to go for it every day, you just never know the encounters that are ahead of you.
Lauryn: I love the HUSTLIN' & THRIVIN' shirt, definitely describes the day to day of starting a business and trying to get it off the ground. Every day is crazy but wouldn’t have it any other way.
We hope a bit of their storie inspires, motivates and empowers you!
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