WCW: Meet Justice Le, Co Founder And Creative Mind Of My BlushLips

We are beauty junkies, as we’ve mentioned in previous posts, and we’re always looking for the latest trends, tools, and brands to look our best. 
A few days ago, we discovered My BlushLips, a brand dedicated to taking care of your lips by giving you scrubs and an incredible scrub brush that was featured on Buzzfeed. We’re obsessed with it! 
We became more obsessed with this brand when we found out it is women-owned, and since we’re always supporting fellow boss babes, on today’s post we’re talking about Justice Le, the co-founder of this brand.
Get ready to meet Justice and learn about her awesome and inspiring project: 
Justice and Her sister Casey both founders of BlushLips
Who is Justice Le?
She’s an award-winning product designer, a serial-entrepreneur, a dreamer, and a maker who never sees a cup half full but instead, how can she turns it into a glass of Rosé.
How did you come up with the idea of Blush Lips?
A company my older sister, Casey was with for 20+ years decided to close so she wanted to try the entrepreneur life in her mid-40. We thought of several business options and decided on e-commerce for its low startup cost and flexibility to spend time with her family. 
A week later, she Facetime me and said: “let’s do it!” I said: “Great! What’s the product you plan to sell?” Her answer, “That’s your job. You’re the creative one in the family.” So I accepted the challenge. 
As I was getting ready for work that morning while FaceTime with her to brainstorm some product ideas to sell online, I had an “ah-ha” moment. I was exfoliating my lips with a TOOTHBRUSH! I quickly put on my thinking cap and began my research on “exfoliating lip brush.” Nothing shows up except more videos of how to exfoliate with a toothbrush and DIY lip scrub. I explained the idea to her that we made our own lip scrubs and obsessed with having healthy lips, but why there’s no proper tool to help remove dead skin from the lips. She understood within seconds and gave the green lights to move forward and quickly developed the tool, BlushLips Exfoliating Lip Brush. 
What was the biggest challenge you faced when you started your brand? 
There were several challenges. From naming the brand, developing, manufacturing, trademark/patent, and brand exposure, however, inventory was the biggest challenge. The e-commerce launch in the Summer of 2018 was a huge success for BlushLips but Amazon can’t pay us sooner so we have to put in additional funds to cover the production cost. 
Did you have an experience that shifted the direction of your brand? 
In the beginning, we only want to do B2C and Amazon was the best platform for BlushLips. It caught the attention of several media like BuzzFeed that lead us to greater B2B opportunity including HSN. 
How was for you that experience?
It’s a blessing because it strengthens our brand. Giving BlushLips positive exposure with no marketing dollars. More and more customers contacting us with wonderful and kind reviews and influencers included BlushLips to their beauty routine.  It inspires us to grow the brand and expand the lip-care line. 
What was your biggest fear when you started your brand?
Our biggest fear was to be in huge debt before launching the brand and disappointing my sister was the biggest fear. She believes in me and the idea to invest her hard earn money. So I faced the fear and made a promise to return the full investment within a year. We did it within 5 months of the business. It was a very proud moment for us. 
What is your biggest fear now?
Disappointing our BlushLips customers with a lack of inventory. Quality is also extremely important to us. We want to make sure that we only deliver top-quality ingredients in our lip-care products while offering the best customer service. 
What advice would you give to women that hare on their 40’s when it comes to life, love, and career? 
Listen and trust your inner self. Only you know what’s best for you and your happiness must come first. Lastly, do it with no fear and no regrets but PLEASE, don’t mortgage your house.
Which one of our tops you think relates the most to you, your brand and your story? Why?
We believe on being fearless in building a life you deserve, so I think the top I chose would be Dare to Dream because we did it and today, BlushLips is 100% sisters-owed with no outside funding and continues to thrive. 
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