WCW: Meet Ali Grant, Founder and CEO of Be Social

If someone knows how powerful influencers and social media can be it's Ali Grant, CEO and founder of the well-known digital communications agency Be Social, based in LA. 
At a young age, with a determined attitude and passion for what she does and what she believes in, she launched her business and now it has become one of Inc.’s fastest-growing companies in the Inc. 5000. It also had been featured in publications like Forbes, The Huffington Post, and WWD
Ali and her awesome team are the masterminds behind Be Social and all those awesome influencer campaigns and events we see on Instagram, leading them to become pioneers on the industry and setting a new standard for brands, influencers, business, and the digital world.
Get ready to meet her and learn from her story!
How was Ali Grant when she was in her early 20's? How she is now? 
She's happy! My 20s were a big growth period with lots of change and constant hustle. I was working hard to grow my business and not allowing myself "me" time. I am in a much better place by giving myself much-needed self-care.
How would you describe yourself using only one word? Why?
 Ambitious! I always want to accomplish something new and go after a new idea.
How did you start Be Social?
 I had an idea and a bit of courage and just went for it. I didn't let my fears stop me, nor my lack of finances (ha). My first step was trying to get clients and building my website.
What's the story behind the name "Be Social"?
 We're an agency based in social media, collaboration, and community...it was a fitting name!
Can you share with us a moment in your life that made you realize this was the career path you wanted to pursue? 
Internships! Getting first-hand experience in varying careers allowed me to understand exactly what I wanted to do. Couple that with a few courses in communications, public relations, and social media, and I felt like I was on a path that made sense for me. 
What is it like to work with big and renowned brands and some of the most powerful influencers in the world?
Exciting! I love how every day is different. New challenges and new opportunities are always presented.
How do you deal with fear when it comes to your business and your career? 
It's not easy. I think the hardest thing as a woman in business is dealing with imposter's syndrome. It takes courage and self-love to overcome some of the challenges of owning and being successful in business. I try to remember that I am in my position for a reason and to not listen to my own self-doubt. 
Which one of our tops relates to you the most? Why? 
I love the "Trust Yo'Self" top as it's something I always try to tell myself! 
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