WCW: Discover The Colorful World of Nexus Cook, Founder of 25th&June

We’re obsessed with a good mani as much as you are and we’re always looking for the coolest brands. While connecting with women in the We Are Women Owned community, we found 25th&June and we immediately fell in love with the products and the badass founder, Nexus Cook.

Not only does she create amazing collections of polish elixirs but, her brand is all 7 FREE meaning each nail elixir is free of 7 commonly found harmful chemicals:
NO Toluene
NO Formaldehyde
NO Formaldehyde Resin
NO Camphor
NO Xylene
NO Parabens
On today´s WCW, we are featuring her and we’re sharing the story behind this eclectic, fun and chic nail polish brand, created for girls that want to make a statement wherever they go with fun and chic nails. 
Are you ready to meet this #bossbabe?
Who is Nexus?
I am endlessly curious, deeply passionate Jersey girl who loves a good laugh and pouring creativity into everything I do. 
 If you could describe yourself in only ONE word, what would it be?
Eclectic :)
How did you decide to create nail polishes?
I've always been a huge nail polish lover and after finishing grad school I started to play around with the idea of making my own. After many hilarious failed attempts, I started doing my research into the world of cosmetics and polish–the history of it, how it's made, the formula, the most iconic colors, etc.–and about 6 months later 25th & June Nail Elixir was born. 
What's the story behind the name 25th & June?
The short answer is June 25th is my birthday :) But when I first named my company, I wanted it to be a playoff of street intersections, like when we think of iconic locations: 42nd & Broadway or Hollywood & Vine. I want 25th & June to feel more like a place you go, a starting point for an outfit or look or vibe, versus just a thing to buy. 
What's the process of naming the nail elixirs? What's the inspiration behind the names?
I get my inspiration from all over the place. A lot of times names come from my personal life experiences or things that my friends love, expressions we say to one another. With my very first line, The Journey Collection, all 8 elixirs were inspired by some of my most memorable travel experiences. I have a new collection coming out in a few months that were inspired by a relationship. What I really try to keep in mind is making it as personal as possible, while still being extremely relatable to my customers. I want people to feel connected to the brand and really make each nail elixir their own. 
Which Rawly Bold top would you give to the Nexus that was just starting her business and which top would you give her right now? 
This is a really cool question. I think I would give Nexus back then the "Dare to Dream" shirt and I'd definitely give the Nexus now "Seek Magic Daily".
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