We love to celebrate women and today, we want to highlight a really inspiring latina. She is uber passionate about what she does, who she wants to be all while embracing her cultura.
Meet Eiryn Hernández, the blogger behind The Unlikely Wanderess, a website dedicated to travel, fitness and life. We had the chance to talk to her and learn more about her passions, what inspires her and how she embraces her Dominican culture.
Get ready to learn more about this amazing woman! 
-Who is Eiryn Hernandez?
Eiryn is a passionate and driven Dominicana who is constantly seeking knowledge and new experiences.
I have done and continue to do a lot of inner work so the highest version of me can shine through in order to show up fully for others. I’m learning to love myself as I am, with flaws and all️!
I love humans (most of the time hah!). I really love to travel and experience this beautiful earth. I have visited 25 countries so far and would love to visit 30 before I turn 30 next year. I am very passionate about fitness and nutrition. Helping others become their best version inside and outside the gym is my calling. 
-What inspires you in your everyday life?
I’m inspired by everyone around me. I look for inspiration, I don’t just let it “come” to me. I think the more you are in alignment and intentionally seeking to be inspired and motivated then you will. I have a lot of friends currently working and excelling at their businesses, I have others who are simply doing it all, career, passion project, being a wife and mom, and also giving back to the community. That inspires me immensely! I also get automatically inspired when I’m alone with a great cup of coffee, a pen, a notebook and I start thinking about where and who I will be in 5 years. My future self inspires me a lot. 
-What is the thing you love the most about your cultura? 
I love how family-oriented and happy we are. I am Dominican and growing up, I saw first hand that there could be times when we really struggled to get by, but there was always space to laugh, dance and have fun with the family. I also love that we are givers and not stingy at all. My grandma could feed the whole pueblo (town) if it was necessary. 
“The more you give the more you receive” she would tell me and that’s something that stuck with me ever since! ¡Que vivan los dominicanos! 
-Who are your latina role models?
I am a big fan of Eva Longoria and the work that she is doing in the world right now, especially in politics! You go Eva!!!  
-What advice would you give to your younger self?
I love this question! I actually wrote a letter to my 18-year-old self as part of a healing exercise and I had so much to share with her! One of the things I would love young Eiryn to know is to let go of perfectionism and the belief that if she did everything right then people will accept her and love her. Instead, lean into vulnerability, and acceptance. Love yourself for who you are. Flaws and all. Take risks and don’t be afraid to play it big! 
Eiryn in a bite: 
-Family: Is everything! 
-Guilty pleasure: Eating LeVain’s chocolate chip huge cookie 🤤 
-Your fiesta song: Farolito by Juan Luis Guerra! 
-Currently binge-watching on Netflix: ¡Nada! I don’t even have a Netflix account! 
-Latino dish: What a hard question!!! White rice, red beans & rotisserie chicken with avocado salad on the side 🤤 
-Favorite clothing item: Currently obsessed with a pink wool coat I got from Zara a few days ago. Patiently waiting for the right temp to debut it and Rawly Bold of course! 
 Eiryn is seen here rocking our Rise Up t-shirt. 
Follow Eiryn on  Instagram  and subscribe to her newsletter. She's always sharing valuable knowledge. 


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  • Leigh

    I met her a few years ago through a mutual friend. Unfortunately I had a very bad experience with her. She was very rude, said racist remarks and even stole from me and her own family. I was hoping we could get along but she kept saying nasty things under her breath. I hope she really has healed from her past self. She was very troubled and treated people really bad.

  • Krissa

    Eiryn has always been an amazing person! We went to high school together and played softball. She was always a kind soul and gave to others and don’t expect anything in return. I am so glad to see her thrive in this life journey!! You go Eiryn!! Much love!!❤️

  • Courtney

    Beautiful soul followed by a beautiful face. Eiryn you’re talented and dedicated and I have been so proud of your accomplishments. Thank you for killing me at the gym all the way in California. Also, if you need some good reggaeton she is my go to.

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