Have you ever been in a situation where you feel comfortable enough to not take more risks? That was me this whole year until I went back to my happy place, Los Angeles.
This year was the year of growth. I've been growing as a person and in other areas. With my blog I’ve had the chance of collaborating with brands I love. As a professional, I’ve had the chance of working with projects I believe in, like this precious brand Rawly Bold, and as a woman, I’ve learned a lot from the worst heartbreak I’ve had (it was my first heartbreak so definitely it feels like the worse).
When the year started, I loved the fact that I was working on me, my dreams and losing those extra pounds thanks to the heartbreak comfort food, but then I came to a point where I was so comfortable, that I didn’t do more of what I was doing to become a better version of myself. Two weeks ago things changed when I went to LA by myself. During that time I also went to Vegas with two of my best friends and as crazy as it sounds, it made me realize dreams don’t work unless you do.
Spending time alone in LA after the Vegas weekend made me realize that no one saves me but myself. I also had a  conversation with Pamela (our awesome founder) . It really opened my eyes! She told me, nobody is going to give you the life you want and that you have to create it yourself. That really resonated with me. 
Days passed and I was sad about leaving the place my heart calls home. However, I came back to my country questioning a lot of things, and the first one was related to my dreams. I started asking myself if I was living the life I wanted or if I was doing what I loved. My answer was NO, but it became the fuel to start working on my dreams and believing in myself again. 
If you ask me now how I feel, I feel thankful. Thankful because I had the experience of learning a little bit more about myself and who I am. I feel deeply thankful because I was able to realize that as Nora Ephron says, I have to be the heroine of my life, not the victim. 
We hope this inspires you to truly live or cultivate the life of your dreams. Dare to Dream. 

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