The Fish & the Maiden in the World of Consciousness

Hello friends, Happy Full Moon in Pisces & Happy Virgo Season to all! 

The more I study astrology, the more I realize that there is no way that anyone could “make this stuff up” or imitate the intelligence of the universe. In continuation of the last article regarding the Divine Feminine Portal on Lions Gate August 8th ending August 26th, I want to identify the following fact: August 26th marks a historic date for the U.S. which is Women’s “Equality” Day. August 26th is commemorated as the day of the adoption of the nineteenth Amendment in 1920 of where women were given the right to vote. I won’t go further on commenting on how recent that seems to be or how long it took “the modern world” to recognize women’s rights. Nevertheless, I will stand more on how the Universal Consciousness works in order to help us awaken. 

🌕 So August 26th Celebration of Black Madonna, a peak point of The a Goddess Portal, coincides with Women’s acknowledgment of human and political rights. 

Would you call that a coincidence? I don’t think so.  

🌕 This event is an example of how astrological portals work on human consciousness. 

Similar to this event mentioned above, we are on a Universal Cycle all Year-round. And if we pay close attention we will see that this Universal Cycle is in synch with the Earth - the Farmers Almanac. Yes! So simple, yet we have been so far removed from it. We are connected to the Earth through our food cultivation Cycles.  

Virgo the archetypal Maiden is associated with the beginning of the harvest. Harvest and preparation for winter. So Virgos, people born around Fall Equinox are by nature the food bearers. (Libras scale the crops and determine if it's good enough and Virgos guard the crops). Meticulously paying attention to detail, Virgos are almost obsessed with productivity and meaning. If you want to get the job done give it to a Virgo but be sure they won’t undertake the task unless it is useful for humanity -yes because if it is not they will find no meaning in it). 

Virgo's challenge is to Surrender.

-Why? because in their archetypal mind “there is so much ot stake “. Imagine that you have to protect the crops! (Think of seeds literal and symbolic, think of mystical wisdom, think of functionality, responsibility etc). Now astrologically it depends where Virgo is on your chart, that is where the unique “flavor” of those aspects are for you. 

 Virgo is ruled by fast-moving and charming Mercury, who is mutable and loves communication (depending on the daily aspects). Virgo people are found on the “synapses” of the System, that be groups, community, organizations mainly caregiving/service-oriented, food industry and creative jobs. 

🌕 Now what is the significance of the Full Moon in Pisces ♓️ at the beginning of the  ♍️Virgo Season? 

Think about the following: when we are working from our own astrology house we are simultaneously working with our opposite sign in polarity! 

An axis is created.

In this case, Virgo ♍️ & Pisces ♓️ are on an axis. Pisces the sign of the archetypal fish, symbolized by the fishbone. Ancient “mineral” nutrient, glowing, intelligence immersed in water. Fish is always immersed in water and has the gift (to master) of navigating/flowing in “emotions”. 

On an ecological level fish is immensely important in maintaining the water systems of the planet. Fish brings balance and beauty in the Ocean. The challenge of Pisces people is to feel centered and grounded in their lives.  

On a deeper mystical level Pisces is the symbol of Healer/teacher called the Christ working on an axis with the Divine Virgin Mother (symbolized by Feminine archetypes such as Mother Mary, Yemanja,  Kuan Yin & Saraswati) The element of Virgin here simply means unwithered Dedication to the task!  

🌕 Now, let's take a deep breath and try to take in all this information.

Why is this important?  

Because every being on this beautiful planet is important. Because we need to see that there are many portals and realities working at the same time. Because we need to feel that we are all interdependent like “fish in the same tank of consciousness” -our actions affect the whole. Because we need to remember that there is a higher Intelligence striving for Balance for all the world’s to coexist- and that we need to do our part in it!  

The Astrology Aspects 

Gifts & Challenges 

🌕 Sun in Virgo August 22nd-September 22nd (Unwithered Dedication to shine on the task of our Life in this incarnation) 

🌕 Mercury in Virgo August 19th-September 5th. Mercury moves in Libra September 5th-September 27th (time to scale our crops -words and actions)  

🌕 Venus moves from Cancer on September 6th to Leo until October 6th. (Venus in Leo-All Hails to the Divine Queen who will take over and do some good work) 

🌕 Mars rx in Aries September September 9th to November 13th. (Deep work of fierce transformation) 

🌕 Neptune continues its rx phase in Pisces until stations direct November 27th (Challenge is to be centered in our hearts)

🌕Good News! 

🌕Jupiter stations direct in Capricorn September 12th (Projects move forward) 

🌕Saturn stations direct in Capricorn September 29th ( Responsibilities take new form)


Sylvia-Anais 🦋

NY, September 2020


Have a Happy Virgo Season everyone!

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