One of the core values of Rawly Bold is supporting women with dreams, goals, and visions. We’re a business that supports female-owned businesses. We believe in the power of sisterhood and celebrating each other wins - there are plenty of seats at our table
In today’s post, we want to share with you some female-owned business that we love and inspire us. We are Latinas supporting Latinas
Lorena is a graphic designer from El Salvador that lives in Los Angeles. Her brand ELE ERRE is an extension of who she is as a person and as a creative. Her social media celebrates her Salvadoran and Latina culture with funny and catchy quotes. Also, she has an online shop where you can buy her t-shirts, keychains, and pins. 
If you love your Latina culture, definitely she’s the girl you have to watch.
It is not a secret that Latina women love to do their makeup and look like a 10 every time they go out (it’s in our blood!) and Vive Cosmetics is the brand that was able to capture all the Latina essence and culture with their lipsticks and highlighters. 
All the names of their products are related to the cultura and the packaging is bubbly and fun, resembling the vivid colors of Latin America.
If you’re into jewelry, Bandida is your brand.
Their necklaces have a minimalistic yet strong style, that makes them easy to combine and easy to wear. Also, they have hoops, like the ones you wore when you were little, and something that Latina women really love, with different designs and all of them at affordable prices
If you enjoy fun and quirky merch that celebrates your Latin culture, Very THAT is the brand you have to follow ASAP.
This business was founded by Cristina Martinez, inspired by her weekends with her family, her tías, carne asada and playing lotería. It really reflects important and significative elements from the Latino culture
Can you imagine a mug with Bad Bunny’s face? They got it! A sticker with something that your mom always says? Just check their website and you’ll find it! 
These are just a few women-owned brands that inspire us. Be a conscious shopper. You're supporting a dream as you shop and splurge. 

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