Summer Vacay in the South of Italy

Wow, what an unforgettable trip! I recently returned from 10 days in Italy and Sicily and I'm still in disbelief. Traveling the world and exploring beautiful destinations full of history has always been a dream of mine. I had the opportunity to visit Capri, Pompei, Amalfi, Positano, Naples, Catania, Palermo, Taormina, Isola Bella, Castel Mola, Siracusa, and Ortigia. Since I couldn't bring you along with me, I thought I'd share some deets in case you want to plan a trip of your own. Feel free to comment or message me with any questions. 

The first 5 days of the trip we stayed in Naples. Capri, Pompei, Amalfi, and Positano is all very close so, we took a boat to each region plus a bus to Pompei and just spent a day there. It's all very small and not much to do. Although, incredibly beautiful, I'm a pretty active person and traveler so, once I saw all that was Amalfi and Positano I was over it and ready to move on. They are beautiful places for a honeymoon, to spend the day and lay by the beach and have a gorgeous lunch but, that's really it. We took a boat around the Island of Capri which, was bucket list status. We met a random man on the dock that offered us a 2 hour boat tour for 80 euros and we jumped on it!

It was so beautiful. The water was crisp, turquoise/blue and just exactly like the pictures and commercial of the Dolce & Gabbana perfume. The boat ride to each city was under 30 euros per person. Lunch for two ran us about 30 euros total and breakfast was under 10 euros total. Very inexpensive! The most expensive was our flight. We stayed at the Marriott Mediterraneo in Naples which was a bit pricey but, Airbnb is great if you prefer that. 

The second half of our trip we spent in Sicily and our home base there was Catania which, is in the East Side of the island. We stayed in an Airbnb studio that was very modern and clean. Our host was awesome! He just gave us the key and we didn't see him the rest of our stay. Which, was perfect for me. He was very helpful and got back to us right away whenever we contacted him. The only downside of our apartment was the 20 min walk to city center. However, being New Yorkers we sucked it up and it really wasn't bad at all. 

Here we went to Palermo, hiked Mt. Etna, Taormina, Siracusa, Ortigia and Castel Mola. Palermo and Catania are the two major cities in Sicily with Palermo being the largest. We got through each city and town in a day. That's how small they are!  We took the train to Palermo and Siracusa which, ran us less than 50 euros round trip for 2. Once we arrived we took a tour bus so, we can learn about the history of the city and sort of get a feel for where things are before we explored. When we went to Taormina, Castel Mola and Mt. Etna we went with a tour group of 4 additional people. We were picked up in a sprinter van, had free to time to explore and really enjoy the beautiful towns.

Dude, we hiked up an active volcano! Mt Etna is the youngest and largest volcano in Europe. Last time it erupted was just last year but, it was very small. We asked many people if they were afraid of a big eruption and everyone said, "NO." Catania has been destroyed and rebuild 8 times by natural disasters so, I wouldn't say they are confident but, experienced to face life head on. That's pretty admirable if you ask me. No fear and living life to the fullest!  

I had met a man in Amalfi who asked about or trip and we mentioned coming to Siciliy. He immediately said, "if you love Amalfi you need to go to Taormina. It's bigger and just as beautiful." I'm so happy we made it happen because he was right! The only difference is Taormina is located on a mountain/rock and Amalfi is on the coast. Now, the food was orgasmic!!! Wowzers!! My mouth waters just thinking about how amazing the food was. The meals were simple, clean and full of flavor. In my opinion, the food in Sicily is better than in Italy.

The people in the regions were so warm and kind. I felt saver there than I do home in NY. Two liter bottles of water were 32 cents. We "Fine dined" our last night in Catania and it was 70 euros for a three course meal for 2. We walked on and touched stone that aged back before Christ. We saw and stood beside rocks where Greek Myths have said to take place. We ate pizza where pizza was born. It was incredible! What you take away from your travels is priceless. Traveling not only enriches your life but, your soul. It changes you and forever leaves a mark on your life. It's priceless. It's worth every single penny. If you get a chance, travel. Explore a new place. Submerge yourself into it's culture and do as locals do. You learn to appreciate what you have. You become a new person. I will be forever grateful. I will never forget this experience. I cried many tears of joy. It was that good!  

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