A Meditation for the Upcoming Eclipse

If you are interested in meditation, I highly suggest that you dedicate time to sit in silent meditation during this upcoming weekend. Between the 4th-5th of July, the Universe will offer us yet another open portal through the upcoming Lunar Eclipse. 
🌔 This is an opportunity to close a cycle and start a completely new one. 
With Learning & Understanding. 
If you really want to do this, please listen to the possibility of experiencing the Black Velvet Void. The environment/space before any creation. The place of absolute peace & silence. 
🌔 The place of no mental reaction. 
Imagine for a moment that you are in your mother’s womb, its dark and it's quiet and you are just a blissful bundle of ecstasies. 
Imagine beyond and before that, the portal before your creation. 
Where is your Soul coming from?
Lift up higher, call your soul from all directions (four corners of the Universe/the cardinal elements). 
🌔 Call your Soul before you were you as you experience yourself today. 
before Race
before Ethnicity
before language
before Religious affiliation
Before demands
before being formed as Anything.
Just a simple presence dwelling within the emptiness of the Black Velvet Infinite Universe. Breathe it in. Breathe that possibility, that very real space before creation.
🌔 Similar to any life cycle, the stages are:
Stasis-Expansion-Contraction and
Stasis again...
This Meditation is about Stasis Space.
Sit with the Black Velvet Void of nothingness. 
Emptiness & Complete Silence.
Observe your mind before it is shocked and bamboozled ready to spiral down by a thought. For example: 
For me the challenge happened in a funny nearly ridiculous way.
So I am sitting with Intention to walk myself beyond any conditioning and then I say/experience within me the Universe...and then God presence comes into mind then I literally jump in a split of a second my human conditioned mind goes like: but why is a He and always a He and where is the She that we have been suppressed for ages and blah blah and then shoot! I start laughing catching my self and saying-Sylvia breathe, this is your human conditioning, you are reacting from your wound-Can you breathe and go beyond that???
(Saturn is about seeing our limitations and mastering the ability to go beyond them).
🌔 Now, is important to say that our wound is not a joke and that yes, there is real abuse and violence happening in the world. But if we keep acting and reacting from wound and pain we will simply perpetuate pain. 
The above is just an example of what can happen with the mind chatter interference. 
🌔 Breathe, pick your infinite soul up and walk beyond, with clear Intention to experience the Black Velvet Void before creation. 
The place of Stasis, in order to do this you need practice and well grounded roots. 
-Why? You might ask.
To put it simply: It is the only place of where we can truly start fresh without any attachment. A place of pure presence and witnessing.
🌔 Try it.
If you don’t understand it is OK.
Just the fact that you brought the process into your awareness is a beginning. 
And this time is all About a new beginning. The Stasis before any next step if we have any hope to start fresh is only from this place! 
Just Consider it. 
If you want to experience this with supportive guidance,
Please join me Wednesday, July 15th (our next Meditation online gathering). 
For readings please contact:
Thank you and enjoy this weekend wherever you are. 
To All my Relations 
Sylvia-Anais 🦋
July 2020, NY. 

Sylvia-Anais Mouzourou 

MA in Mental Health Counseling & Psychotherapy

Hands on Energy Healing/Reiki 

Family & Systemic Constellations


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