On the weekend of March 23rd we joined forces with 7 other women owned brands for a pop up store in the Lower East Side section of New York City. See our store front above. We decided to rally up and plan this in just three weeks and to our surprise WE PULLED IT OFF!! Caitlyn, the founder of Style N Motion spearheaded the whole thing and hit it out of the park. 
 Thank you to the weather Gods for cooperating because the weekend was perfect to be out and about. We had little treats/experiences for our guests to enjoy daily. 
 Lisa, one of the co founders of Andie and Erin hand sketched the images on the wall seen above. They are sketches of the influential women her neckties are influenced by. She killed it!! Seriously, the perfect instagram-able wall. Everyone went selfie crazy!! So much GIRL POWER. 
Instead of setting up like a regular pop up/market we wanted to curate a regular boutique where all brands complimented each other and it worked out quite nicely. 
 25th and June  hung out with us Friday for our launch happy hour. They hosted a nail bar which was superb! They are a non toxic nail elixir which consist of such amazing colors . Get to know this brand if you're not familiar! It's fantastic.  Ramona and Jus by Julie sponsored the evening. 
Ramona is an organic Italian wine spritz that doesn't need a can opener, glass or an occasion to drink it. It's wine but, cooler. It's organic. All natural. Gluten Free and Vegan. 
Julie is a certified health coach and mother of five who began her company with a mission to provide her community with healthy yet delicious ways to get more produce in their day. For years she studied many theories on diets and health, and what she learned is that our bodies need a great amount of unprocessed whole foods to function at peak capacity and feel great. It's not about counting calories, but fueling our bodies with natural, healthy foods. For many of us, vegetables and fruits are not always our first choice of food, which makes it hard to get our body's daily nutrients and fiber from just three meals a day. That's where JUSes come in!
 Sipping This hosted a wine tasting Saturday and sold their fun bar accessories. I bought a couple of things as they make the perfect little gifts. There were four types of wine to taste. It was a perfect sip and shop Saturday!
 Sunday was wellness Sunday at the store. Thank you to GTS Kombucha and Brooklyn Granola for their generosity in sponsoring this day. The guests loved it and so did we! 

In late 1994, GT’s mom, Laraine, was diagnosed with a highly aggressive form of breast cancer. When she healed, Laraine shared with doctors that she had been drinking a very pungent, homemade tea. That tea was GT’s Kombucha.

Inspired by his mom’s experience, it became GT’s mission to make his Kombucha accessible for everyone, everywhere. At only 15, he began bottling his brew in the kitchen of his parents’ Southern California home and became the first to put Kombucha on shelves in the U.S.

Brooklyn Granola LLC located in Brooklyn, New York, where organic rolled oats are slow roasted and toasted to create healthy and delicious small batches of granola balls, which are carefully infused with real nut and seed proteins (healthy fats), dried fruit and spices, and love. They strongly believe in ethically sourcing organic ingredients and selling our products at a fair price to their customers. They started the business because as health-conscious foodies. They were tired of granola snacks full of sugar that just didn’t taste good and they believed there had to be better options. So, they turned their passion for eating healthy into creating better granola snack options that bring value to their customers’ lives.
 Check out the women owned brands who joined forces to make this happen!
Andie and Erin Neckties
June and Joy Handbags
By Vlada Hats
Le Mondeur shoes - Friday only
Etymology Jewelry
Estuaries Swimwear
Unye Jewelry
and us of course Rawly Bold
Thank you so much to everyone who came out and supported. We all grow because of you and we could not be more grateful. We are hopeful and looking into creating another experience like this. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know and get 10% off your first online purchase. Sending you so much love!

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