Read This If You Need To Chill

Since it’s a new year, people tend to make resolutions, goals, and plans for the following 365 days.  As we talked before on previous posts, some of them include achieving a body you love, becoming more financially stable, doing more sports or traveling more, and all of them seem good, but what about the attitudes and patterns you need to change or improve this year?
The first night of this year, while I was talking with my mom, I opened up to her about the “situationship” I’m in and how embarrassed I felt because of an unnecessary drama for not getting a text back.  After giving me some good mom advice, she told me these simple but life-changing words that I need to make mine this 2020. She told me: “You need to chill.”
I’ve always been impatient and I’m the kind of person that wants everything ASAP. I want to have everything figured out and I hate making mistakes, so when something doesn’t go the way, I start freaking out. I get anxious and my ugly side comes out.
Since I’m a perfectionist, I blame myself whenever things don’t go my way. “Maybe I should have been more of this”, “Maybe I should have said less of this”, “Maybe I should have done more of that”, “Maybe I should have said less of this” and that’s how I make mental movies and I end up suffering for no meaningful reason. 
I’ve never realized these patterns until the conversation I had with my mom and with the person I’m talking to, who also said “YOU NEED TO CHILL” and it was a wakeup call to me. If I want to live a healthy, happy and enjoyable life, I need to slow down, stop blaming myself and start trusting the universe that things will work out. 
It’s easier said than done, believe me, it is but this challenge of changing your mindset to a positive one, will make you truly happy, and also, less annoying to your friends/family since you vent to them every time you overthink.
I can’t tell of the perfect formula to achieve this, and honestly, I feel like I’ve just started to learn how to change my mind but, with doing some reading, researching and taking time for myself, I’ve learned some quick tips and tricks I’ll share with you, so you can chill too.
    1. Write down your thoughts: If you are overthinking, take a journal and write your thoughts. You’ll laugh at how funny and senseless they are once you put them out there.
    2. Listen to a TED talk or podcast: Listening to inspiring people will keep you distracted and will make you feel motivated to live your best life.
    3. Call your best friend: My girls have been my supporting system, and calling them, even if it’s just to talk about random stuff, besides being fun, it’s therapeutic and makes you feel good.
    4. Phone Off: Waiting for a message, a notification or a call can be torture, so instead of constantly checking up your phone, turn the notifications off and just enjoy your life. If they want to talk, chat or Facetime, they will. 
What do you do to stay chill? Share your tips and advice with us!

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