Q&A with the Graphic Designer behind RAWLY BOLD

Everybody meet Aysha!!! My sister and the creative brain behind Rawly Bold. She's new to NYC. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She's a hip hop junkie, art loving latina who marches to the beat of her own drum. She definitely embraces her individuality and that is so inspiring.
How did you come up with the name Rawly Bold?
I had been researching and looking for ways to represent what our mission is and RAW popped into mind. I knew it needed to be completely authentic and what other way to represent that than to be vulnerable. Now with BOLD, it fit the characteristic. BOLD is us being true to ourselves without fear. RAWLY BOLD describes who we are to a T. 
What’s your favorite part of designing for Rawly Bold? 
My favorite part of designing would have to be the final product - when I actually see it in on somebody! To work on something, no matter how long or how much work was put in. It's an amazing feeling when it comes to life. Hearing people whisper “I love that shirt,” instantly warms my heart. 
Where do you get inspiration from? Designing requires lots of creativity.  
So, recently my inspiration has been coming from my move to NYC from LA. The people watching, the different emotions you come across when walking thru the city has been highly motivating! I can meet just anyone and instantly feel their vibe and something can bloom from there. Its really how we as people deal and handle our emotions that inspires me. 
Tell us about your graphic design journey? 
First of all, shout out to my mama. I was in a rough patch mentally years and years ago and remember her constantly asking me what I  wanted to do & sometimes it would be too hard to answer. She was the one who pointed out what I was always spending my time on and this was back in the myspace era. People would spend hours making their pages flawless. Well, I was one of those people! Sometimes I'd race home just to jump on the internet and edit. I had done research and found I could actually get paid for doing what I loved which was as small (so i thought) as designing a page into becoming a freelance graphic designer.
What’s your favorite Rawly Bold piece and why? 
My favorite piece is the navy trust yo’self sweatshirt. I feel like it speaks to me and my personality. I love how bold and cutthroat the saying is but, at the same time still reserved and discrete considering the small placement of the text. I love hip hop so, I'd say the text was inspired by the culture. It needed an edge and I'm obsessed with it! 
What does Rawly Bold mean to you? 
Simple. Rawly Bold to me means to be fearless and true to who you are. 
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  • Savannah Gomez

    I don’t have the words to describe how proud I am of the both of you. Since we were young, neither of you wanted to be controlled and you’re now controlling your own business. I’m proud to wear these T’s and sweatshirts and say, “My cousins created these!” Hopefull for the future.. I love you guys!

  • Danielle

    Woman you are phenomenal

    Fierce, fun , fabulous

    You are RAW

    BOLD are the moves you make

    True to you 100%

    This is why I love you ❤️

    Blessings love and success to you Pam and Rawly Bold ™️

  • Jessa

    It’s amazing how many opportunities for inspiration are around us! I love the meaning of your brand – keep being authentic!

  • Vic

    I love this!!! Aysha & Her sister are killing it with this brand. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for Rawly Bold.

  • Edith Zelaya

    Pamela and Aysha have always been strong creative women. They’ve always planned ahead with success in mind and having fun doing so which is reflected in their work in RAWLYBOLD.

    I take great pride in being witness to their accomplishments and enjoy watching them strategize to spread their message is amazing.

    I am blessed to be the mother of two beautiful ambitious women. Wishing you both continued success!

    Love always,


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