No Risk = No Magic: January Advice From Our CEO, Pamela Delgado

January is almost over! Finally right? This month took forever. However, we are so grateful for the lessons and goodness we received. We’re basically in the second month of 2020. Can you believe it? 
Our goal with Rawly Bold is to encourage you and help you to make this 2020 one of the best years you’ve ever had. A year full of personal growth, happiness and becoming a better version of yourself.  Every month, besides our blog posts, we’ll be sharing advice from our CEO. Pamela is a woman who is also on the path of becoming the best version of herself while balancing being an entrepreneur, mom, boss, wife, and friend. 
Let’s hear what she has to say for January, a month she has dedicated to planning her goals for this new year! 
How do you plan your goals for 2020?
As the current year progresses, if there are any opportunities I missed last year I added them to my list this year. I don't usually write down my goals but, I do have a vision board. I believe in the power of visualization and I one million percent believe I can reach my goals. 
As the opportunities present themselves I asses what the growth result will be and if taking advantage of that opportunity will bring me one step closer to my dreams. I'm very intuitive and follow my gut a lot of times. 
What resources do you use to plan and organize your goals? 
I use a vision board + monthly planner. I'm not a google cal or iCalendar kind of girl. I need to see it and be able to make notes/cross things off, etc. I am a very visual person. 
Could you name one of the plans for this 2020 that make you feel the most excited and one that makes you feel terrified
This particular one makes me feel both. I've decided to pivot a bit and turn Rawly Bold into a community of womxn who are on a mission to inspire, motivate and empower. We will host event, workshops, create networking opportunities and more. 
If you're interested in this please sign up for the Rawly Bold newsletter. 
How do you deal with fear for the future?
I'm very competitive with myself. I grew up playing sports and the fear actually excites me. I grew up wanting to play and beat the best. I never wanted to join them, I wanted to beat them with respect of course. I've always been that way. Fear excites me because once I conquer them there is a positive shift. I get this adrenaline rush to just go, go, go until I've accomplished it. That's how competitive and determined I am. 
What advice would you give to the RBCrew in order to stay organized and motivated for 2020? 
If you need to write down your goals write them down, draw them, paint a picture, take a picture, do a vision board, whatever works for you. Ask yourself, how bad do you want it? Are you willing to put in the work? If you're not you don't want it as bad as you think. Remember, No-Risk = No magic. Everybody works differently. Stay true to you and be kind along the way. 

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