WCW: Meet YouTuber, Singer, Self Love Advocate Rachel Levin

We had the pleasure of connecting with YouTube sensation Rachel Levin  and we were so inspired by her story that we had to share it with all of you.  
As soon as she mentioned self-love we thought, "ok we need to feature her!" Did we mention that she has a single out? Find out what inspired her to follow her passions below. 
How did you start your career as a beauty YouTuber?   
 I first started my channel when I was in high school. I didn’t get along with the people at my school so naturally, I would come home and spend time with the internet and just watch a lot of YouTube videos. One of the creators that I watched at the time started a beauty channel and through that, I found my passion for beauty! 
What made you decide to create and release the song Myself?
I just wanted to make a song that would be able to help other people realize the thing that took me many years to learn. Everything I do is to try to help people not have to go through the different stages that I went through when it pertains to not loving myself.
What was the biggest challenge you faced while creating this song? Was something that made you feel afraid or insecure about it? How did you overcome it?
Stepping into the music industry was definitely intimidating. But luckily, I have a great team that supported me and my artistic vision, which allowed me to express myself in a safe surrounding. That being said, a message of self-love is something I want everyone to believe in. I knew I wanted to voice my story in “Myself” and hopefully others can find it themselves too.
What's the biggest message and legacy you want to give your followers with "Myself"?
 Loving yourself is the first step to self-discovery. Once you love everything that makes who you are, no one can really stop you from moving forward to what you want to do.
What are your thoughts when it comes to self-love and self-acceptance? How was the journey of loving yourself?
 I think that it’s incredibly important. My journey was long- but I think that the moment that truly pushed me to love myself was when someone insulted my stretch marks and told me that I should get rid of them. They said it was easy to get rid of them because celebrities get rid of theirs. At that time I was very self-conscious about my stretch marks and had done literally everything in my power to get rid of them, but nothing ever did. I think that’s what helped me come to the realization. He had no idea what it took for me to come to the conclusion that I just can’t get rid of my stretch marks, so why would I let what he says, determine how I feel about my stretch marks. It all hit me at once at that moment. Why would I let anyone else ever determine how I feel about any aspect of my life when they have no idea what it took for me to get to that point in my life? That is what made me realize that the only opinion that matters is my own, so I might as well have a high opinion of myself because I’m the only love that will stick with me my whole life. 
What advice would you give to the younger Rachel when it comes to self-love?
Stop telling yourself you are not good enough because you are. Everything will come together and all you have to do is be patient, love yourself and others, and just enjoy life because you don’t know what’s going to happen.  
How would you describe your song in three words?
 Fun, Igniting and Lively
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