I had the pleasure of meeting Yuko via the We Are Women Owned Sisterhood group on Facebook. A fellow entrepreneur had a happy hour where I met Yuko and we've been rooting for each other ever since. Yuko has a way with words. I kid you not, she says the perfect things at the right time with out  knowing. She has the kidnest heart and the fiercest hustle. She even had the courage to be part of our most recent campaign seen all over the website and socials. It has been amazing to see her grow and I am so certain she will reach her dreams! I hope her brief story inspires you the way she inspires me! 

Tell us about you. What’s your story and what lead you to create events such as the “I am series”?

I moved from Japan when I was 19, wanted to be a voice for a Disney Princess and wanted to be in TV/Movie Musicals. I can honestly say that "Sister Act 2" and "A Chorus Line" are the reason I am here. The very first "I AM" series was suppose to be my solo show. But I got scared, didn't think I was able to pull it off, so I asked my friends to join me. What happened as a result was beautiful. People from different communities and background came together. That was not what I was expecting. That's how it started! I can say that the whole thing started by accident. It's the best thing that happened to me. Now my mission with "I AM" series is to heal and connect with art and heart. It's one art at a time. One story at a time.    
What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in your business and how did you over it? 
I always have to be patient with myself and remember that it has been only a year. Another biggest thing for me is that I have to stop doing everything by myself. That is a HUGE lesson and I have to constantly remind myself and still have a looooong way to go. I need to let go of the ideas of how things should look like and let it be.  
I love your morning insta stories. What is your morning routine like? What advice would you give to help someone be the most productive. 
Thank you! My morning start with reading a text of "A Course In Miracles", Journal, Yoga, Meditations... I am super specific about my morning. And at times I have to remind myself that I CAN have a day off. Oh, and I make a list of what needs to be done and the priority list the night before. Finding out what works for you is the key. If morning is not your most productive time, that's ok too. If your peak time is afternoon, keep that sacred time for yourself. 
Congrats on your 1 yr anniversary! What are you doing to celebrate?
Thank you! And Happy Anniversary to you too! I am throwing a 1 year anniversary event. So excited that you, Rawly Bold, are joining us. We don't celebrate our milestones enough. We have to celebrate. And we also get to celebrate our customers and audience as well. I am so excited to be able to say thank you to everyone.  
For event details click here:  "I am" Series 1 Year Anniversary 
Thank you for supporting Rawly Bold. Since you own the Dare to Dream to, can you tell us how you incorporate those words to the work you do? 
I am a HUGE fun of you guys ever since I found you. Dare to Dream... We don't dream big enough. We really don't. We let our current circumstances and society dictates what we can or cannot do. I hear it all the time. "I just want to be happy". "I just want to do what makes me happy". "I just want to own my own business"... NO, That's a starting point for you to do something magical and make a difference in a world. I was in a place of "I really don't know what I want" and believed that lie for the longest time. If we want to have the life that we dream about, we have to be bold. We have to DARE to speak up for our dreams. We have to DARE to go for that dream and DARE to LIVE that life. Your "Dare to Dream" shirt always remind me to be that.   
What is your ultimate goal? What is next for you? 
Hmm... I used to say I wanted to be "Asian Oprah". lol I don't think I do any more. Right now, I want to create more space for people to come together and share their story with their art. I want to collaborate with other organizations and companies to share these messages. Not only raise the awareness of diversity/Inclusions, mental wellness, women's empowerment, but with clear CALL to action. So we know what's next. And have lots of celebrations together. ;) My what's next?! I honestly have no idea and that's exciting. 
Follow Yuko on Instagram and check our her linktree where she shares wonderful info of all that she does!  Here 

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