I had the pleasure of meeting Olivia through a We Are Women Owned mastermind group I had joined a few months into launching Rawly Bold. I was so taken by her enthusiasm and creative way of looking at her business that I wanted to learn more. I own one of her eye masks and I promise I am not being biased when I say it's literally like a pillow for your face. We are excited to congratulate her and 41Winks on celebrating their one year since they launched their full eye mask collection a year ago this month! Wish them a huge congrats and get to know her and her fab business a tad bit more. 

Share your backstory with us. How did 41Winks come to be?

I inherited 41 Winks from my aunt when it was a dorm room bedding company and rebranded it to the playful sleep accessories brand it is today. Creating an environment for great sleep that allows for the sleeper to wake up feeling rejuvenated, well-rested and their most confident selves has been our mission from the beginning!

What inspired you to put such powerful messages on the eye masks? Which one is your favorite and why?

We wanted our products to stand for more than just their design and function. Being a young woman brings struggles, moments of confusion and exciting adventures - a lot of ups & downs. We wanted to acknowledge all of that, make it known that they’re universal, and celebrate that getting sleep is an important part of each of those journeys.

My favorite is (and likely always will be tbh) our BLOCK OUT THE HATERS Eye Mask in Bailey Cotton Sateen. The number of times customers have bought this particular mask as a gift for a friend or family member going through a hard time gives me chills; it’s exactly the mission we had in mind when designing it. For the last few years I’ve been teaching myself how to care less about what people think, or more accurately what I think they’re thinking - it doesn’t allow me to be my true self and instead causes me unnecessary anxiety. That’s why this eye mask really resonates with me. To me it’s saying: be YOU, whatever that feels and looks like, and if anyone gives you sh*t, just move right along ;)

And although we’ve since redesigned it to be more comfortable and functional, the concept was our very first eye mask back in 2016! It uses the Bailey Cotton Sateen fabric that is completely unique to 41 Winks and was designed in the beginning on the company years ago, which adds a very special connection to the evolution of the company,

What makes the 41 Winks mask different from the others?

As I mentioned, we’ve redesigned our eye masks since their initial creation in 2016. After testing a small batch and witnessing smiles pop up on people’s faces after reading BLOCK OUT THE HATERS, we realized we had a product worth continuing. So we held a number of focus groups to understand more about the eye mask market, and learn from avid eye mask wearers what they loved and are looking for.

Our first full eye mask collection, which launched exactly a year ago this month! , includes all of the feedback we took from doing this market research. We made the eyepiece of the mask larger, raised the nose piece up a bit, and added a layer of black batting in the cotton sateen masks, all to ensure that our masks truly do block out the light, which is critical in getting a restful sleep. The ruched band keeps the eye mask snug on your head as you move around in your sleep, and doesn’t pull any hair. Because we know how annoying that can be!

What advice would you give a young girl dreaming to start her own business?

I have had such a unique experience in joining and growing 41 Winks. And to me, that’s the most important lesson to learn: EVERYONE’S JOURNEY IS UNIQUE AND WILL HAPPEN AT THEIR OWN PACE. Some may find immediate success, and others may go off and do something else before coming back and witnessing any boom in growth. Living in New York City surrounded by such driven, creative and incredible women is without a doubt inspiring; however, I’ve found I often compare my path to theirs and have to actively remind myself that we’re all making it in our time. Luckily the rise in feminist art and support on social media daily reminds me about “Collaboration Over Competition” and “Her Success Does Not Mean Your Failure,” because YES! Of course!

Thank you a so much for supporting Rawly Bold. Being that you own our Rise Up t-shirt, what do those words mean to you? 

Before I got your t-shirt, the phrase Rise Up almost intimidated me - how do I rise up? What if what I do is not enough? Will I be alone?

While wearing my Rise Up t-shirt for the first time at the gun control march in NYC earlier this year I felt an immediate pulse of empowerment. Rise up means taking that first step toward whatever I stand for. There are big issues being tackled in the world right now that are important to me, and just like gun control they won’t be solved overnight. But I am committed and inspired to use my voice, my energy and my time in fighting for what I believe in, and if I find myself losing that motivation, I’ll just throw on my Rawly Bold t-shirt .



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