This month we are dedicating our WCW to badass Latina women that want to make an impact in the community. We are shinning a light on the global diversity of Latinas and their stories to inspire, motivate and empower .
Today we are sharing our platform with the incredibly talented Kay Lopez. She is the fun/empowering voice behind the famous account Latinas Poderosas, a space where the culture, voice and beliefs of modern latina women are presented in a funny/REAL way AND they have the cutest gif on Instagram too!
Get ready to meet Kay:
-Who is Kay Lopez?
Kay Lopez is a proud first generation Mexican-American,  born in Houston, lived in NYC, and currently in LA enjoying the weather.
In my family I have accomplished many firsts, first to graduate college, first to enter corporate america, first to freelance, first to jump from one city to the next.
I'm creative, I love to travel to Latin America, I love reading and watching indie films. 
-How did Latinas Poderosas start?
The idea for Latinas Poderosas came to me while working my then 9 to 5 in NYC. It was a time of self-reflection/discovery. I was missing my culture, my family, my traditions. I was on my 8 year of living in NYC and I was not only homesick but severely culturesick <---- I just invented a term hahaha.
I needed an outlet so I went to Instagram, typed in Latinas Poderosas and the rest is history. 
-What´s the motivation behind Latinas Poderosas?
The desire:
To connect with my roots
To learn about Latinas who are currently making history
To learn about Latinas who have made history beyond Frida and Selena.
And to share all of that with my fellow hermanas so they too can be orgullosas y poderosas. 
-What is the thing you love the most about your heritage and culture?
How family is everything, no family is perfect but family is the foundation of everything we do.
-Do you think social media has an influence on the way Latina women are perceived? 
Yes, I now see the narrative of an empowered Latina. 
Growing up I was exposed to women in skimpy clothing giving the news, dancing with Don Francisco on Sabado Gigante or the damsel in distress narrative in novelas. I was fed this limited idea of what it meant to be Latina by media and I hated it. Today young women can easily find a Latina who is pursuing her career, business, lifestyle, doing it all, a mujer is who is independent and it's so empowering.  
-What advice would you give to your younger self?
Practice your Spanish, ignore those who make fun of it, practice makes perfect and knowing two languages only benefits you.
In my teens I stopped trying to speak Spanish, I hated being called "gringa" when I spoke Spanish. Today I don't care what others think, I speak Spanish unapologetically. I try to use as many new words as possible to expand my vocabulary. I make myself uncomfortable but by doing so I'm able to help those who can't speak English, and I can converse fluently when I travel to Mexico on my own. 
-What change would you like to make in this generation of women?
Change? I love what I'm already seeing. Women are empowered to do and say what they want. I love it, I'm here for it, and I hope it only continues. The idea of a woman being only a wife to serve a man or bear children is over, we mujeres can do anything and everything.
-FIESTA SONG : Anything Celso Piña
-LATINA ROLE MODEL: Currently living, America Ferrera, she uses her platform to advocate change. Past, Celia Cruz, she endured so much to build her career, did it all graciously and was always proud to showcase her cultura. 
-CULTURA:  colorful, vibrant, proudly ours to flaunt.
-CURRENTLY WATCHING ON NETFLIX: Frontera Verde, Colombian Series but pretty soon Casa de las Flores Season 2
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