Meet Jackie Konopka : Dual licensed Real Estate Agent in NJ + NY

I had the pleasure of meeting Jackie at a mastermind a few months ago and her desire to help others find their dream home was something I'm not used to seeing from agents. Usually they're dry and pushy with all focus on the sale vs finding you what you dream of but, when Jackie was sharing her genuine approach to help others I knew it is not just a sale for her but, also a way to help others achieve their dreams of being homeowners. 

Tell us,  how did you start your Real Estate journey? 

I was working in the entertainment industry and really just wanted to get out. So I was searching the internet for administrative positions because I had years of experience under my belt and just wanted to take a breather. I found a listing for an administrative position for a real estate team and figured "what the heck, why not apply". I always loved interior design and dreamed about my future home (the home is still in my pipeline!) so I wanted to learn more about the process of buying a home. Little did I know, I was going to be hired by one of the top teams in the United States and NYC. I am beyond grateful that I worked with them and learned so much. I still keep in touch with them to this day.

What would you say sets you apart from other realtors?

 I try to make the process as fun as possible. Everyone has this expectation from HGTV of how searching for a home can be, but it can get stressful and really break you down. The other day I literally starting singing "Comps!" to the tune of "Shots!" with my clients. FYI- Comps is shorthand for Comparable Analysis. I put together a Comparable Analysis before my clients put in an offer to make sure that they're not overpaying for a home. Yeah, I'm that type of REALTOR. 


What advise can you give a potential new home owner?

Before anything, get a pre-approval. I cannot stress this enough. Even if it's months before you want to start your search, you can work with your Mortgage Broker to get you as close to your budget goal as possible. That pre-approval gives us the concrete maximum budget. I don't want to show you a home that's above your budget, you fall in love with it, and then everything IN your budget doesn't compare. If you don't have a pre-approval, I'll start a weekly search update for you! It's totally different seeing something online than in person. When in person, it becomes emotional. There's no need to have that emotional aspect if you don't know if you can afford the home!

How would you say the market is in your territory or in general right now? Should we rent or buy?

I'm duly licensed between NYC and NJ, and it's two totally different markets. But right now, I'm focusing on New Jersey because I'm serving my friends and family ... and let's get real NYC is totally expensive! So many people are moving from NYC to NJ because you get more space for your money. In New Jersey, we're in the summer selling season right now. When it comes to renting or buying, it all depends on you! Rent for a year or two to get a feel for a neighborhood you want to buy in, then when you're ready then go get that pre-approval, find a REALTOR, and start that search.  

Thank you so much for supporting Rawly Bold! Since you purchased our Trust Yo’self sweatshirt what do those words mean to you?

If I didn't trust myself and take risks I have no idea where I would be today. I'm very much into meditation, manifestation, and goal setting which I know is not for everyone. But I am a firm believer that where you put your energy, and if you trust your goals, you will get there. I always told myself that I wanted to get my New Jersey license so that I could serve my friends and family in my home state. The day I signed my contract with RE/MAX Competitive Edge, a childhood friend of mine texted me asking if I was a REALTOR in New Jersey because she just got a pre-approval with her husband. So trust yo'self! Energy flows where your attention goes.



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