Meet Holistic Health Coach Carolina Bolivar and Learn More About her Mediterranean Lifestyle

I had the pleasure of meeting Carolina six years ago when I first moved to New York. Her energy and drive really captivated me and was the catalyst for wanting to get to know her better. She's played a huge role in my life and has inspired me in so many ways. She is an expert nutritionist and I am so happy to share a little bit of what she does with you. 
Tell us about yourself. How did you start your wellness/nutrition journey? 

My name is Carolina Bolivar. I am a mom, a health coach and  former restaurateur.  I discovered my passion for wellness, fitness, relationships,  and food  after losing 140 pounds that I had gained during my teens. I became more passionate than ever simply by connecting with myself, my food, my relationships and my environment.

You previously shared with me that you can’t live without your smoothies. What is a smoothie that women should incorporate in their diet and why? 
Smoothies make my life easier. They are full of the essentials I need to be able to start my day or to simply replace a meal in case I'm on the go. Us women need to make sure we incorporate and use food as a source of energy, so I usually recommend to stick to fruits and veggies that are in season, a smoothie I can recommend is
1 cup of Almond milk (or any diary free substitute, don't recommend soy since it contains lots of estrogen and its highly processed )
1 cup of spinach or leafy greens, for iron, calcium, fiber and detoxifying benefits
1 small banana, mixed berries especially during the summer
1 spoon of almond butter (raw peanuts, cashew, or sunflower seed butter will work as well)
1 tablespoon of black maca ( Maca is a superfood, adaptagenic, and will boost energy and libido levels
1 Big spoon of hempseed protein powder. ( or protein powder of your choice, the less ingredients and fillers the best quality, once again stay away from any forms of soy)
What inspires you to keep going and stay motivated? 
Since I've discovered the real effect of wellness, my mission is to help improve the health, happiness of others, and transform the world a bite at a the time. My journey has been filled with milestones and victories but I also faced many challenges.  Making the commitment to myself and accepting every difficulty to change was my motivation to push on. I feel very happy with the way I look. I love, accept and honor my body and have the right to feel beautiful and enjoy it.
Thank you so much for supporting Rawly Bold. What does Dare To Dream mean to you? How do those words impact your life?
I always believed that our  purpose in life its to become absolutely happy. Anything we want in the world can be ours if we only dare to dream. Rawly bold has reminded me that we are all dreamers and if we simply put our fears aside, dare to step out of our comfort zone we can make that dream a reality. Also that all women must support each other fiercely to be able to achieve those dreams collectively because together we are stronger.
Any upcoming projects? Where can people get with you to connect/work with you? 
Yes, after visiting the south of Italy and learning about the amazing benefits of the Mediterranean lifestyle I've decided to incorporate it to my lifes and also teach my clients and others how to eat well to live better. I will be hosting a few workshops about making tomato sauce and the ultimate back to basics retreat in the  Dominican republic. Where we will immerse in Italian cooking’s with passion and rich history. You will learn how to feel and connect with your food, your environment and discover the wellness behind the ancient Italian cooking traditions.

Why do you think there’s this stigma to Italian food being unhealthy? What are the benefits to eating Italian? 
In the past I felt very hesitant to eat "Italian food" here in NY because it was never an energizing meal.  It will cause bloating, I will feel very sluggish, and the truth is that most Italia restaurants have changed the original recipes. Changing the flavor and the concept of simplicity. After learning how to eat Authentic Italian food my perception and my connection to the Italian culture has totally changed the way I see, eat and feel about their food and its amazing benefits.
Italians have the most respect for their food and  they recognize the importance sharing a meal together with friends and family bringing us back to basics of connecting with our food,  our environment and give us a sense of unity. This is what I call primary food. Italian cuisine is simple, fresh, seasonal. Studies have showed that people in Italy have grater longevity, are less stressed and show lower levels of heart diseased, obesity and mental disturbances. Therefore come with us and immerse in a real experience of the Mediterranean lifestyle in our retreat in the beautiful Dominican Republic. 
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  • Migdalia

    I too stayed away from Italian food here in NY because it would make me feel bloated. I agree that it’s all in the authentic ingredients and most importantly the love that is put into the cooking. “Primary food”! Great article, thanks for sharing your knowledge, Carolina.

  • Anna

    I’m going to have to try that smoothie recipe! Thanks for sharing your story – it’s an inspiration!

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