You'll never believe it but, I had the the pleasure of meeting Belisa Perez on a social media pod on facebook. It was almost like we were meant to meet. We've been supportive of each other from the very beginning. Her zest for life, class and positivity is contagious and of course, I want to share a bit of her journey with you in hopes to inspire, motivate and empower!


What inspired you to start a creative business?

My daughters Sophia and Olivia inspired me to start my first business “Belle Dezigns,” an accessory boutique for little girls. I was dolling my girls up with cute bows and tutu’s and I asked myself, “why not create a business where I can make these myself and sell them?” So I did! I had no experience and no help. I created a Facebook page and a website and began to create and sell bows, tutus and more!

A few years later, I learned about affiliate marketing and network marketing and began to sell marketing training and personal development products. Some time passed by and as I grew a team, I began to coach them. That’s where I developed a passion for wanting to help women brand themselves to create and build their own online businesses.


I saw that you have books out, can you tell us about them?

I’m a published author of 2 collaboration books. The first one is, “Journey to the Stage, Volume 3.” In this book I shared about my journey to the stage and facing my internal fears of public speaking, overcoming fear and later stepping onto the stage with confidence.

The second book is, “Today’s Inspired Latina, Volume 3.” In this book I share my story of Faith, Failure and Purpose! Although I went through some rough times in my life, my faith in God truly pulled me through! I believe that we have everything we need inside of us to be successful. All you need to do is use what God has given you, add faith, put in the work and declare your victory!


You can find my books for purchase at


Since you purchased the Rise Up t-shirt what does Rise Up mean to you?

When I saw the t-shirt for the first time, my eyes could almost grip the words “Rise Up.” Not even a year had passed since we launched our Hers Conference— a conference for women to find their wonder, worth and purpose. Our theme for the conference was Rise and Walk Worthy.  Clearly, the t-shirt stood out and I just had to get it! I believe that every woman was born to Rise Up! Rise up from discrimination, judgement, failures, pain, and from not knowing her true God-given identity. Once we are able to Rise Up, we can conquer everything God has purposed for our lives and in doing so, we leave a legacy for the young women coming up right behind us.


What advice do you have for people looking to get involved with coaching?

Just do it. Find someone who has been through the ropes, someone who has experience in doing what you want to do.

When I first got involved with my accessory boutique and online marketing, I had no idea what I was doing and I made many mistakes. My process took a lot longer than if I would’ve invested in a coach that would’ve guided me through discovering my vision, mission and defining my overall business goals. Although things would have been a lot smoother and I would’ve saved time and money, I don’t regret my process. I am what I am today because of what I learned in the past. I honor my past but I’m loyal to my future! This is why I became a coach, to help prevent others from making the mistakes I made and to show them how to build a solid foundation in their business.


If you can share some words of wisdom with our readers what would you say?

Your story of trials, failures and triumphs is your platform to inspire, empower and love on others. Embrace your life and don’t ask God if He can use you, ask Him how He can use you! 

We all have a story worth sharing and people are waiting to hear it! The question is, are you willing to share it?


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  • Joane Casey

    Wow! What a powerful interview! Thank you Belisa for sharing encouraging messages! I love how you shared that it’s not if God can use us it’s how God can use us! Amen! I love it!

  • Belisa

    I’m honored and grateful to be featured and to be able to share a bit of who I am and what I stand for.

  • Audrey

    This is such an inspirational interview. “Rise Up” is a motto that will truly stick around in my mind.

  • Brendaliz

    Love this interview! I met Belisa 3 years ago at a networking event and not only did she become a mentor, but also a loving and supportive friend.

  • paige

    love this interview :) such great way to get to know belisa more! x

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