Mars in Rx Motion-An Intervention

🔥On September 9th Mars the fiery god of War has started his retrograte motion in Aries which will last until November 13th. 

I am writing this article because I felt a profound shift in energy and have experienced a series of “things breaking down” starting right on September 9th. It's worth mentioning that every thing breaking was transferring energy related. Then as usual, I started getting “the scoop” which usually follows and confirms a planetary shift, thus putting the picture together.

Mars in Aries is in one of his two domains (the other one is Scorpio).

Mars in Aries is primitive Fire, Life Force in its first steps. This Life Force is found in the First & Third Chakras. The Human Energy Centers in the body which are the roots-our connection with the Earth and our Ego/Mental Center.

-Who i am I in this world? 

Mars in Aries affirms his territory and he sure fights for it. Currently stepping backwards to take an account of the situation. 


If you have observed, short temper, sluggishness, nervousness, racing thoughts, frustration on different levels (don’t worry I am not diagnosing you with mental illness) I am just explaining, that Mars retrograde-Life force taking a turn backwards might have something to do with it. 

With Mars coming closer to the Earth peaking on October 6th, I myself have observed a different sense of shortness of breath, a sense of becoming slower in my movements and that if I tried to push to do more then I would get unusually overwhelmed. So I said, "wow ok I need to look up and see whats going on!"

It felt new to me in a sense that the symptoms originated from the “fire” of the energy body (Will) and not the “water” (Emotions). 

🔥It is worth mentioning that the feeling appeared not to be typical lack of motivation but rather fiery frustration of not being able to enforce Will and “make things” as wished to be at this moment. Fewww OK lets take a deep breath and sit for a moment. Perhaps even get a glass of water;

-Its ok to feel overwhelmed sometimes. We have been through a lot as a collective and we are still in the process of the unknown. The First Human Chakra encapsulates Fear of thousands of Years, the fear of Annihilation. 

🔥And rightfully so, because the alarms are ringing at this moment exactly as in a building filled with smoke-Planet Earth is the building. Planet Earth is on an Emergency at this moment. 

🔥Simultaneously and  “serendipitous for them” Venus, Mars’ lover Queen, is currently in Leo, another Fire sign. 

As explained in previous articles energies up the Sky (and everywhere else) work in Relationship, in an axis, in Conjunctions. This interaction, one of the many at this time, is brining up the Masculine-Feminine polarity in full effect. He is on fire and retrograting to heal, She won’t badge down. For the development of both this is happening at this moment. 


🔥So what is there for us to do? Learn from past experiences.

When Mars was closest to the Earth some years ago I have encountered (through my work) experiences of skin rashes, “burning skin” situations, inflammation symptoms and other explosive type of situations. The symptoms were mostly physical the aftermath psychological and deep healing eventually derived from those situations. 

If you were on that cycle then, chances are you are on it now as well. 

  1. 🔥Check in which house is Mars & Venus on your chart. Taurus & Libra ruled by Venus. Aries & Scorpio ruled by Mars all affected or “maybe a bit burned out” at this time. 
  2. 🔥If you have noticed that you all of a sudden feel that the day is too long and want to be in bed by 9:30pm. Please do so. Being well rested is a key with Mars/Life Force in order to keep a sense of normalcy. 
  3. 🔥Eat red root vegetables, fruits & juices such as beets, cherries, watermelon. It will help ground and detoxify the system. And when we say detoxification we don’t mean add the good stuff over the bad stuff. No it means, eliminating inflammatory foods and substituting with fresh fruits and veggies. 
  4. 🔥Eliminate overstimulation from media & news. Feeding ourselves constantly with panic, fear and anger situations will not help. We know what is going on we can feel the chaos and confusion! Is now Wise to find Center in the Truth of our Hearts by accessing Higher Consciousness. 
  5. 🔥Access Higher Consciousness through Nature & Meditation. There are many programs find what speaks to you.  
  6. 🔥Spend time with a Living Fire. If you have the opportunity spend time in nature by a bonfire. Fire is the most healing element for first & third chakras, fire heals and cleanses the aura. It invigorates the Soul, it regenerates purpose and life force. It brings the primordial sense of hearth and Community, things that we so need at this moment. If not possible then work with a candle meditation. 
  7. 🔥Venom based natural treatments can work excellent at this time. I have analyzed some time ago in a previous article (on Venus energy and the antidote) what are Venom based treatments. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this. 
  8. 🔥Put on Red Colors &  get Red flowers in honor of Venus & Mars. We all encompass the polarities.🌹
  9. 🔥Explore your personal relationship with Mars + Venus/ Life Force. What is your “go to” story or defense? Does this energy comes effortlessly to you?  Is it new, unknown, is it it longed for? Do you push or avoid automatically? Just observe with patience. Patience & patience (in case I didn’t say it enough. 


Additional Aspects 


🔥Chiron is currently also Rx in Aries-Same house as Mars, until December 15 2020. Chiron the Centaur Healer is (with his herbs, teas and smudges) working on our deepest wound in yet another Cycle. Within this conjunction expect a true healing in a way you priorly thought to be impossible.  

🔥Eris the Goddess of discord (think of a Kali like deity) Mars’ sister is in Aries too. As you see we are experiencing a “full house” here. 

Eris holds us accountable-“Period”.  

But also we might observe a lot of family relational stuff arising not to mention world/social unrest and political discord. Be aware, that no one will be budging down. 

🔥Good News

A lovely New Moon in Virgo is coming up September 17th to give us a little break. Until then stay strong.



To all my Relations 


NY September 2020


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