Mars Entering the House & the Third Eclipse

🔥On Saturday, June 27th, planet Mars the force of War and Fire is entering its own Astrological house which is Aries. 

The “first” astrological house on chart sequence, Aries the house of Self, is about humanity’s affirmative steps. 

Aries says: “I am Here Now and I will march and conquer. Do not bother me, stay out of my way, I have a mission to accomplish.”

Aries fueled by Mars the god of war carries the Element of Fire & Metal. 

It is known that Mars “ruled” world consciousness historically during the Iron age. 

The age of when people, particularly people of Power felt forcefully motivated to “go out of their way” to fight, loot, kill and conquer. That age was all about expansion (by affirmation of ownership and possession) with fire and metal. 

As a result, the World formed as we know it today. (After the feudal system in medieval times).  

Think about it, we are a product of that time, the countries and borders as we know them formed through war and enslavement. 

For one more time in the history of humanity, we are in a challenging place. The structure is shaking and the elements are roaring. All voices raised to be heard. 


🔥Balance & Justice Needs to be Restored.


Along with other challenging conjunctions, Mars will remain in the House of Aries the ram for six months which is unusual. 

Buckle up, friends. And most importantly start being observant. Become the observer. 


🔥Aspect Analysis: 


With the most challenging conjunction being amongst the three Giants in the House of CapricornCapricorn is the brick and mortar structure of society. Businesses, stock market, gigantic empires of wealth, the banking system, educational system, everything that is systemically organized. 

On a personal level, Capricorn rules bones, teeth, hard matter, etc. 

So in this House, we have the three giants in their retrograde phase

-Bringing up the Shadow!

Jupiter- on the retrospect dark aspect brings up the syndrome of the “Mad Emperor”.  Distorted ego, delusional power bordering dictatorship.  

Pluto in retrograde-brings up in surface the Skeletons in the Closet of entire humanity. The dark secrets-who knows who and how that played on corruption regarding money and power (again). Also distorted sexuality such as pedophilia.  

Saturn the master of Time- in retrograde brings up to witness the deterioration of the structure.  The ruin, what has gone rotten and needs to be cleansed. Old structures and symbols do not work anymore. 

We are Cleaning House! 

So we can see clearly what we are here to do!  

We are in a cycle of regeneration. 

This is the Cycle of Life: 




The wheel of Transformation as we know it! 

Now, as if those conjunctions were not enough we have six Planets in total going retrograde and Mars entering the House thrown in the mix. In addition, we have Eris (Mars’ sister) the goddess of discord in the same house. (On a personal level Notice your relationships with your siblings). 


🔥Good News:


At this moment I am laughing out loud and being a bit giggly because Venus has gone direct on June 25th. Finally. 

-Love & laughter can overcome All.

Love & laughter can overcome everything! 

So let's employ our shield of Love as Mars in the House will make us nervous, bubbly, and might bring everyone and everything on edge. Unfortunately, as you already might have noticed there is great separation even deep hatred on essential aspects of our society, such as: 

Race & Color 

Gender & Sexuality 

Political affiliation

Religious Beliefs 


Well, Mars in the house will fuel the need for Justice on All these aspects but at the same time on the shadow side will fuel grandiose ego and anger coming from unresolved trauma both Personal & Universal (due to North Node in Gemini).




Please remember that the Planets carry consciousness. It is written in our history as humankind. It is in our DNA, it is in the Memory of the Water & the Earth. Please remember that the Planetary system, like our body, seeks Unification, it strives for Coherency, Not Separation!  

I know and have experienced how hard it is to accept the deep polarities. It has been more present than ever. Convictions, opinions, theories, feelings, emotions.

What is real and what is not (Neptune retrograde).  

Please know that you can do it. 

Do not be swayed or bamboozled  

by theories, doubts, or confusion. 

There is only one way-in various forms.


Own & Affirm your Life Force! 




I am a Free Human Being, my Soul is Eternal. I take responsibility for my Sacred Life Force and How I use it. I understand that my Life Force (Mars) is a Sacred Gift and I am using it the best way I can for my growth and all around me. I Align my Core with Earth Star (roots, below, mother the Sacred Feminine) Sky (above, higher consciousness Sacred Masculine) I am Firm in my Heart (Center, Love Transformation portal of infinite Soul). And So it Is! 

Grounding this way we can observe with patience instead of being on fire and attacking what is foreign or different no matter how outrageous seems to us- for example: “how can a beloved friend support this or that person”? 

Breathe before jumping. “But how is it possible that they don’t see?” 

Breathe. We cannot keep creating 

“Us and They Mentality”. 

“But we cannot coexist”, you might say.

Keep Breathing. Sit with yourself. Sit with sacred Fire, a candle, or a bonfire.


 🔥 If possible, we are on the path to the wheel of transformation. Use this fiery Energy to purify, energize, and deeply transform what needs to go. Use it to illuminate your path, to warm and nurture your relationships, and to prepare good healthy food for your self and loved ones.


Viva the transformation!


As a source of support, I continue to offer private readings and workshops. 

And a free of charge online meditation every Wednesday at 7 am NYC time. 

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To All my Relations.


June 2020 NY 


P.s. *Important! Check where is Mars & what is happening in your Aries house on your personal chart. If you need help let me know*

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