Marian Bacol-Uba, The Female Empowerment Energy We Need in Our Lives

 Have you ever thought when someone is an empowering person you feel their energy and it’s contagious? That’s what happens when you’re around Marian, a woman that inspires you to take out your inner queen and feel confident about yourself.

We want to share that energy with you, and that’s why we interviewed Marian a few weeks ago, to learn more about her journey, her experience, and how she turned her experiences and desires into an empire.

Get ready to know her!

Who is Marian?

Marian Bacol-Uba is the Founder of Thriver Lifestyle, a TEDx and Keynote Speaker, Business Coach and Bestselling Author. She is also the host of Thriver Lifestyle Podcast and Thriver TV.

Marian helps entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders grow their impact, influence, and income through conscious public speaking and content creation. She merges her 15+ years of marketing, event production and business development experience with her mission to create positive social impact and help elevate the voices of women and people of color.

Marian is very active in the non-profit community serving on the Board of Directors for Project by Project, social justice and leadership development organization for Asian Americans, and also the Founding Member and USA Chapter Lead for KeyNote Women Speakers, a non-profit with a global mission to create more diversity on speaking stages. She has been featured on CBS-LA, ABC-7, International Business Times, Thrive Global, Miami Under 40 and over 50 podcasts and publications. 

How did you started your career in coaching and empowering women? 

It started organically with me openly sharing my stories, experiences and the things that I was learning. I was going through my own personal and spiritual growth, found the courage to speak my truth about my childhood sexual abuse, mental illness, and substance abuse. I first started out as a Transformation Life Coach, helping women heal trauma, find their passion and tap into their intuition and feminine energy. As that business grew and my clients also evolved, they started wanted to learn how to share their stories, experiences, and expertise into a business they were passionate about. Because of my 15+ years of marketing, events and business development in corporate, startups and my own companies, I was able to help them as a Business Coach. It was a beautiful transition and I blend both Strategy AND Soul in my coaching business, speaking engagements, and events/retreats. I've always been drawn to helping and empowering women because we need more women leaders now, more than ever! Women can change the world!

Was there a time when you wanted to give up and quit your dream? What did you learn from it?

So many times! Having your own business isn't always easy. It pushes you, challenges you and can take you down. But resilience is something that I learned through my life experiences. We may not always have control of what happens in the economy, other people, etc. but we can control our perception of things, our thoughts, words and actions. We can either operate from a Victim and Survivor mindset, or we can choose to operate in a Thriver mindset. 

What's the thing you love the most about connecting and empowering other women?

I love helping other women realize how damn powerful and amazing they are! I love creating tools, resources, and the spaces for them to step into their truth and authentic leadership. It's powerful to see how we can achieve greatness when we collaborate and support each other.  

What advice would you give to your younger self when it comes to life, love, and career?

The greatest investment is in yourself; mentally, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, energetically, etc. Learn as much as you can. Grow, experience life, continuously try new things, push yourself, speak your truth, believe in yourself! When you step into your greatness, you empower others to do the same. 

Which one of our tops you think tells your life story? 

love them all! But the "Hustlin & Thrivin" + "Love Yo Self" tees I can relate to the most

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For more info about Marian visit and follow her on Instagram @mbacoluba. Watch her TEDx Talk:



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