Latinas Making Big Moves: Meet Natalie Murphy, Founder of MiMedia Global

The Rawly Bold community is really diverse and we love having inspiring women from around the world as members of our crew.

A few days ago, we connected with Natalie, a Latina making big moves in LA and New York with her business MI Media, an agency focused on helping small brands to develop their highest potential. Besides her drive and passion, we loved her mission and drive for her business and for helping Latina women succeed by founding the Latin Female Entrepreneur Association, a project whose main goal is to empower and support women to pursue their passions and goals.  

Get ready to know her and learn more from her inspiring story!

Who is Natalie?

Natalie Murphy is an entrepreneur, speaker, lover of life and Founder of MI Media, a global marketing and communications firm. Additionally,  inspired by her own entrepreneurial journey, Natalie founded the Latin Female Entrepreneur Association with the mission to help Latin women around the world feel empowered and supported to pursue their passions and get to the next level in their careers and lives.

How did you start your career in Communications and media?

During my Master studies in International Relations in Paris, I started to notice the importance of communications on all aspects of business and society: from international legal disputes, conflicts between nations to the success of local and global companies so I decided to spend a few years at an international communications firm, soak it all in and eventually, set up my own business. European international communications teams and firms are mostly based in London so I applied to as many as I could until one agreed to give me the opportunity. 

What was the biggest challenge you faced when you started your own business?

The biggest challenge I faced when I started my own business was how lonely it felt. I was expecting many things but not that and it translated into many areas: not having experienced colleagues and bosses to run ideas by, having the responsibility of everything fall on my shoulders and being the one to have to keep you motivated. It is very easy to start to doubt yourself and your choices when you are in that situation, even if you have years of experience and many accomplishments under your belt.

What do you think are the keys to success in the industry you’re in?

You need to stay nimble and humble so that you keep learning and growing as fast as the market is evolving around you; the minute you think you know it all and have all the answers, you will start to lose ground to more innovative, forward-thinking teams and firms. Networking is also key: even though digital communications have opened a world of possibilities when it comes to talking to and meeting new people, nothing beats knowing someone personally and trusting her or him.

We know you created a community for Latina women, how did you come up with this idea? What inspired you?

When I started my own business, I joined many groups for female entrepreneurs and I started to notice that there were not many groups for Latin women starting their own businesses. I am from Peru, have lived in Europe and now live in the USA and have many friends from Latin America that have similar backgrounds so I thought we needed an online-based group of like-minded people. It turns out, most Latinas have a similar experience and are looking for a group to connect, exchange ideas and get to the next level in their careers and lives. We need more groups though!

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Make working on your mindset and self-love – or barriers to it - a priority. You can have all the knowledge, opportunities and experience in the world but if you don’t see the possibilities or believe you deserve them, creating the life you want will be much more difficult than it should be.

Which one of our tops would you give to your best friend or someone you really care about? why?

The “Ambitionista” one! There is still a lot of stigmas associated with women being ambitious but unless you are clear that it is ok for you to be ambitious, that you can still be nice and sweet yet ambitious and driven and that it will actually allow you to have a bigger impact and do good, you won’t feel empowered to go for it. I dream of all girls/ladies fully going for it, whatever that might mean for them ☺ 




Check out Mi Media HERE

Join The Latin Female Entrepreneurs Association HERE


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