5 Ways to Style a T-Shirt

T-shirts are not going ANYWHERE anytime soon! Whether you wear a tee while staying at home or going out, you can always create fun and fashionable looks. T-shirts are a staple basic in every wardrobe. Did you know we wear t-shirts as often as underwear? Yup! We do!
On today’s post, we’ll share 5 tips on how to style them (Shop Rawly Bold for a new t-shirt) and look your best wherever you go:
Statement Shoes
It’s all about your shoes baby! (and our CEO is the expert when it comes to chic shoes!). If you want to upgrade a t-shirt and denim look, you can totally do it by wearing statement shoes. What about some hot pink pumps? An animal print high heel sandal? Shoes with details and/or studs? Even if you're staying home it's always a great idea to dress up, at least for yourself.
Don’t forget to add a matching bag or clutch.
Blazer can make you look professional or make your look more casual, depending on how you wear them. For a casual look, you can combine your favorite graphic tee, a vibrant color blazer with jeans, a denim skirt or shorts.  For a more formal look, you can wear black pants (skinny ones look amazing!) and a more neutral tone blazer, like beige, white or black. 
Midi Skirt
Since the world-famous animal print skirt that was all over social media last year, these kinds of skirts with mid length have become a strong trend. What about wearing them with a graphic t-shirt and a leather jacket or a denim jacket? What about adding white sneakers or high heels? Both ways you’ll look incredibly fine! 
For short girls, it might seem a little scary, since they might make you look even shorter, so for our petite friends, we recommend midi-skirts that have an opening on the leg, just to make you look visually taller. 
Mini skirt + ankle boots
This is the perfect outfit combo! And it flatters every body shape and height, so there’s no excuse for you to not wear this! Have fun combining your favorite graphic tee with a sexy mini skirt. If you are prefer a more classic look, a denim skirt or a black skirt would look amazing! And if you like to experiment with fashion, a latex skirt, a leather skirt or something with a print can be fun. It’s up to you and your creativity!
Flare Pants
Believe it or not, flare pants can be really flattering for you! Besides making you look taller, they flatter your body shape, so you can totally go for them! Wear them with a tucked or tied graphic tee and high heels. And if you REALLY want a 70’s inspired look, don’t forget your favorite hat!
How do you like to style your t-shirts?
By: Mimi Alas @lifewithmims

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