How She Did It: Felice Asson, Social Media Specialist of Michael Todd Beauty

Something we really love and feel inspired by, are stories of empowerment achieving dreams, especially if they are related to career and getting (or cultivating) the job of your dreams. 

We know there are a lot of women with amazing experiences and lessons to share, and that’s why we decided to create this series called “How She Did It”, we’ll share the story of someone that worked hard for their dreams and how they have become references of female empowerment, ambition, and determination.

On today’s post, we’ll meet Felice, Social Media Specialist of the well-known beauty and skincare brand Michael Todd Beauty (yeah, the one that created the skincare brushes you’re obsessed with!). 

Let’s get to know her!

Who is Felice?

Felice is definitely a passionate, curious, and loving soul. Once she’s interested in something she puts her all into it. I am constantly inspired by the people and the world around me and I use that to constantly motivate and inspire me. I love being around people and I am that friend in your life who is always uplifting someone and helping them realize their worth. When I’m not working my day job, I am working on starting my own social media consulting boutique agency and also working with my business partner to launch our very own lifestyle and social impact brand called Arrive and Flourish, where we are creating products designed to promote a healthy mindset through everyday activities centered around the theme of wellness and mindfulness.

How did you start your career in social media?

My career started back in 2011 right after I finished high school and completed one semester of college at the University of Hartford. I was going through a very transitional period in my life and needed an outlet to express myself, so I turned to blogging. Writing has always been my first love and when I launched my blog The Kiss Of Joy (now archived), it definitely provided that much-needed space online to share little tidbits of my life and it also opened up the door to many opportunities in the Public Relations and Social Media marketing world. 

You are working with a powerful beauty brand, how was your journey to getting such an amazing opportunity?

The journey to getting such an amazing opportunity was built from years of hard work and believing in myself. Due to the fact that I had to work full-time and go to school, I ended up going to college online, working full-time as a nanny in New York and building my experience for this job by blogging, interning remotely in various industries (real estate, travel, beauty, and fashion) all while working full-time, eventually moving to FL, struggling for a year (emotionally and financially)  and then eventually landing my dream job at Michael Todd Beauty. I’ve always wanted to work in the beauty industry and when I landed this job ( Thank You Tara) I knew it was faith and I knew that I was placed in this role to do big things and also propel Michael Todd Beauty into the brand I know it can be. Since  I’ve been working at Michael Todd Beauty, I’ve been granted the opportunity to wear so many hats that I just know that taking this job was one of the best decisions. It has been challenging but so worth it. 

Could you share with us one time you felt like giving up and how you overcame it? 

I’ve felt like there are so many times in my life when I felt like giving up and having to rely on faith, prayer, and family to pull myself out of those dark times. Recently, was late last year when I slipped into a really terrible depression, felt invisible, unloved, and was just at a point where I was completely heartbroken and disappointed in myself.  I felt like I lost myself and when I realized it I was so devastated and broken. I made the tough decision to cleanse my life of everything that was bringing me pain, and making me feel insecure and just spend time LOVING on me and getting to know and discover who Felice was again. Taking that time was much needed and today despite everything that’s going on, I feel a greater sense of self-love, gratitude, and appreciation for life. 

What advice would you give to your younger self when it comes to love, life, and career?

I would share so many tidbits with my younger self but the most two important things I would tell her is to take more risks and communicate her needs and wants more. I feel like throughout my life and even today I struggle so hard with being a risk taker that it sometimes holds me back from achieving all that I want in life. In love, I would without a doubt tell her to speak up and communicate what she wants more and how she’s feeling. I felt like in love my lack of communication definitely caused a lot of feelings of uncertainty, insecurity, and doubt. In life, I would tell my younger self to be a lot more patient and trust that the path that her life will follow. Stop worrying and getting too overwhelmed with things that do not matter and above all else protect her peace. 

Which one of our products do you think tells your personal story? Why?

Definitely the Love Yo’ Self tank! I swear to God that I have struggled so much with self-love and I am still struggling with it today in my own way. I recently wrote this saying on a sticky note “That self type of love just glows differently” and at the moment it connected so much with where I am in my life.  I feel like when you get to that point of truly loving yourself you just glow differently, you exude a new aura of confidence and it just gives you the strength and motivation to do anything in life. 

What advice would you give to girls that want to pursue a career in the beauty industry?

You have to be a lover of all things beauty. I also think education is important and I'm not only talking about formal education. What I mean is you simply have to be constantly educating yourself on what’s trending. Early on in my career, I realized that the beauty industry and pop culture go hand in hand and it definitely helps when planning and strategizing. Simply being in the know helps when building campaigns, creating content, launching new products, working with talent, and so much more. I would say if you’re thinking of either working behind the scenes or starting a beauty brand, it’s so important to put yourself out there. Connect with other experts in the industry from business owners to the people who work for the companies. I am a firm believer that every bit of information can help you. Join FB groups like Create & Cultivate, go to networking events, interact with the content creators online, attend beauty industry events to simply connect with people in the industry. Start from the bottom and work your way up. Hard work, determination and believing in yourself goes a long way. You’ve got this, you future female leader in the beauty industry! 



By: Mimi Alas aka Life With Mims

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