I had the pleasure of meeting Mirna through Yuko Kudo. I was looking for diverse women to be part of our Rawly Bold Campaign and Yuko introduced us. I was immediately impressed with her professionalism and eagerness to grow. She is even more stunning in person and I kid you not nearly every shot she was in she nailed! Learn more about this stunning model and feel free to contact her to collaborate. She was such a pleasure to work with and such a beautiful person. We cannot wait to work with her again!! 

Tell us a little about you Mirna, What's your story? 

I’m Mirna, 25 years old, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Growing up I was always into the arts. When I was bored at home I would write poems and put on performances for my family. I danced and acted my way through school and finally started modeling in college. Being creative has always been an outlet for me, instantly taking me out of my anxieties  and allowing me to be in the moment. I started blogging in college. College was very difficult for me. I made a promise at 5 years old  to my family that I would be a lawyer one day. While I sat in my political science courses going on and on about the crisis of the day, I realized that being a lawyer wasn’t my dream anymore, it just wasn’t me. But I had made a commitment, so I was going to  stick to my word no matter how unhappy it was making me. I soon turned to blogging so I wouldn’t lose myself. Blogging allowed me to have an open space to share all things that truly interested me like beauty, fashion, and creativity. I didn’t really promote my blog for a while. It was my double life for almost three years.

What do you wish to accomplish with blogging and the platform it can create?

I want my blog to be a safe space for women to rediscover themselves and become the woman they know themselves to be. Beauty and fashion has always been a means of expressing my individuality and I know many women can relate. When we look like the woman we want to be it makes it much easier to be her in the present. My blog’s goal is to help women see the natural beauty within themselves and to not cover it up because it doesn’t look like what society deems beautiful.

What companies and brands have you worked with and which has been your favorite?

My modeling and blogging career really go hand in hand, both have lead me to work with and get to know some amazing people and brands. While in cosmetology school, I was able to volunteer as a hairstylist for New York Fashion Week. In a lucky turn of events, a model didn’t show up and I was able to put my comb down and strut my stuff down the runway last minute. That was exhilarating and showed me that when opportunity knocks, you better beat down the door to get your blessing. But no matter how many fashion weeks I’ve done or will do in the future, the boutique AK Couture will always be near and dear to my heart. My first time modeling and doing runway was for AK Couture. The owner Zulema is such a beautiful soul and a pillar to her  community. Her dedication to creating a circle of empowered women is infectious. Working with her as a model and then later as her assistant showed me that with persistence I could build the creative life I want to live while making a positive impact on my community.

What is your dream collab?

Funny, I don’t have a dream collaboration. I probably should though, for  goal setting purposes but I’m just excited to meet people and work with brands and women who are just as passionate as t I am. I believe together we’re gonna change the world.

What are some challenges you have faced while blogging? What is the negative side of blogging that nobody seems to discuss?

Blogging is interesting because it seems like no one likes to read anymore haha. We’re so instantly gratified with photos and videos that reading seems to  fall by the wayside. Definitely not as popular as it once was, bloggers today are small businesses within themselves. You have to really put yourself out there to get your word out. You have to be vulnerable and you have to take rejection. Most importantly, you have to be consistent. I had my blog for three years before I decided to turn it into a business to start earning money. What you eventually put into it is what you get out.

How are you different from the plethora of bloggers that are out today?

I’m different from other bloggers because everything I produce for my audience is from my unique point of view. I’m a blogging model yes, but most importantly I want to be authentic with my readers and truly help them rediscover their inner beauty. I hope by sharing my own journey they will not feel so alone on theirs.

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