A Glimpse of 2019 With Pamela Delgado, CEO & Founder of Rawly Bold

What a beautiful and crazy year has been! It’s been 365 days of growth, lessons learned and setting the path for the next year. Our goals excite us and we have so many that we want to achieve with Rawly Bold in all the years to come.
As our last post of 2019, we talked with Pamela, our CEO, and Founder. We thought to share what her experience with the brand was like this year, the lessons she has personally learned and what’s the next chapter for our beloved brand!
Get ready to learn and get inspired with her 2019 journey as #Fempreneur
What were your expectations for 2019? 
Honestly, I had no idea what to expect. All I know is that it had to be better than the last. The business had to be better! I am so grateful. There were some personal challenges that I experienced and perhaps I needed to go through them to become a better person. I am going into 2020 more confident in the direction the business is going and really excited to learn more about myself. 
What was the most difficult challenge you faced with RB this year? 
Having constant and consistent conversions is still our number 1 challenge. If we're not active with popups or newness it tends to slow down. l have tried to use the downtime to focus on other things in the business. Staying productive is key. I guess I should be grateful for the downtown because as we grow there will be less and less downtime right? 
Is there anything you regret not doing with Rawly Bold during 2019?
Of course, there were some pop-ups that I regret not doing but, there were still gains. We are able to do things to nor only further grow our business but, we also supported other incredible women in business. Besides, this year we did more than last year so, I am so happy and grateful. Obviously, I wish we can do more but hey, perhaps in 2020. 
What's the biggest lesson 2019 left you?
I learned a very personal lesson this year and it was to be kinder to myself. I am so hard on myself. I am such a perfectionist with every aspect of my life and that's something I will definitely work on in 2020.
What are your plans and expectations for 2020?
We are revamping the website and it will debut shortly along with a brand new little product that I am so in love with. It's so damn cute/instagramable LOL . New tanks are comings, a pop-up in New York and then another on the West Coast and of course some RB events that will be open to the public. Make sure you sign up for Rawly Bold's newsletter to stay in the loop. 
Before finishing this post, we want to say thank you to all of you, our awesome, special and fearless members of the Rawly Bold Crew and Rawly Bold VIP. You are the heart and soul of this business, and without you, this dream wouldn’t be possible.
Remember to Dare to Dream. Be Fearlessly Authentic. Rise Up to the bullshit and Seek Magic Daily. Always be that fierce femme you aspire to be and please Trust Yo'self !!
Happy new year!!
Sending you all so much love, 
Pamela Delgado + The Rawly Bold Team 

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