Sorry, we are a little late at posting about our most recent pop up! We are going to keep it all the way real with you so please don't envision this being another success story because, this pop up was a true LESSON to say the least. 
This time around we set up shop with more female founded brands than previous. Here we are setting up in a space that would be as big as a spacious living room. We're not complaining. We just want you to get an idea of the space we had. This was the first time some of us were meeting so, it was all sorts of exciting nerves. The concept of this pop up is to give you a chance to shop for a complete outfit and some. In addition, we had some amazing brands sponsor some treats for our shoppers. This is a win win for everybody! We find this to be a great way to help other brands we love with brand awareness. See those brands below!
Shout out to all the yummy brands who joined us!! All these refreshments were much needed because we had some A/C issues that literally had us all melting. It was bit of a nightmare mind you, this was during the middle of August in NYC. The support we received from all those who attended was incredible. There's no such thing as enough sales in the type of business we are in. Not only did this help with brand awareness but, we made connections! That right there is invaluable. 
The sisterhood is real in all our endeavors. 
Here are most of the female founders! 
See more details and list of brands who participated  here
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