Colorful and Unapologetically Herself: Meet Majo Bustamante! Branding Queen That Is Changing The Game

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We’re back with our WCW series! These pieces are dedicated to women that inspire us. Here we share brief stories of women's daily lives and as you know Rawly Bold is all about inspiring, motivating and empowering and we hope you get that from learning about these women who are making moves.
On today’s post, we’re excited for you to meet Majo Bustamante. She is a talented girl from El Salvador, that enjoys creating brands that change the world. She does musicals and is constantly creating ways to make women feel empowered.
What we love about Majo is how confident she is and how her bubbly personality makes you believe the world is a magical place. Her vibe is contagious. She is such a positive and powerful force and always makes sure everyone around her believes in themselves. She legit makes me feel like a Queen!
Stay with us and get to know more this amazing woman!
Who is Majo Bustamante?
I am secretly a unicorn. I was born unusual, unique, weird even. I have always known I was different and I learned to embrace that as my favorite characteristic. I studied marketing mixed with communications and have been working in branding for the past 6 years. It is my passion, transforming people’s dreams into brands that want to change the world. I’m also a teacher, a profession I’ve been chasing since I taught all my Barbie dolls and stuffed animals at age 6 to read. I teach branding and new technologies in the university I graduated from, where I’m also a thesis advisor, and I love being able to pursue two careers at once.
My hobbies are also my passions. I am training as a musical theatre performer and I got to play a lead role in this year’s production. I plan on making this hobby a third career someday.
How would you describe yourself in three words?
Imaginative – Unapologetic – Colourful
What advice would you give to your 20-year-old self about life, love, and career?
First, I’d tell her to live like there’s NO DAY BUT TODAY. To embrace change, to stay strong in her beliefs and to always put authenticity first.
About life: You don’t always know what you want, but the universe surely does. Pay attention.
About love: You are your first and last love. It all begins and ends with you. People leave, people change, you are always there for you.
About work: Pursue your dreams. A job doesn’t make you or break you, but it should make you immensely happy.
If you could change anything about the world we're in and the role women play what would it be?
I grew up in a house full of women. I never knew the world thought we were less than great. I always thought we could do and be anything we wanted. I wish all the girls grew up thinking this, knowing this to be true. I wish the world would see us as the amazingly complex and wonderful creatures we are just because we are human. I wish we could all operate as the fiercely strong creatures we are.
We're all about loving ourselves and our bodies! What made you embrace and love your body and give you the self-confidence you have?
My body is one of the reasons I always knew I was going to be different. I developed really early and started looking more mature than any of my friends since I was really little, which was hard because I looked like a mature teenager when I was only a kid. I learned that the female body was overly sexualized and that I would have to develop a personality that was much more attractive than my body so that the real me could shine from within.
I discovered that my body would always be criticized and that I would never be able to meet the standards of beauty the world had set for me because I would always be a little bigger, a little fluffier, a little chunkier. The day I decided to love this about me, the world changed. It wasn’t fate, it was acceptance and it took work, it didn’t happen overnight. Through role models like Tess Holiday and Lizzo, I was able to fully understand that beauty does come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors. They helped me realize that I don’t need to fit in, or fit-out, or be fit at all.
What is the legacy you want to leave to the next generation of girls?
I want the next generation to break the mold, to break the beauty industry, the fashion industry, the economy, the whole world if possible. Set it all on fire and start over. Start with love, start with acceptance, start with equal rights. Throw away the rule book and start a new one, one that benefits all beings equally, one where merits win over gender, where fluidity is the new norm and freedom to be is the new status quo.
See, Majo is such an inspiration and everybody needs to know who she is.
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