We met Broghanne through a women's networking group and just fell in love with her vibe. She is constantly doing her part to improve and grow her passions. Once she reached out to be part of the RB crew it was our absolute pleasure to include her. Learn more about this talented woman below. 
  • Share a bit  of your back story. Tell us about yourself. 
My full name is Elizabeth Broghanne Jessamine. I go by my middle name, Broghanne, it means Burning Ember is Gaelic. I was born and raised in the North East of Scotland and emigrated to the US in August 2012 to go to college. I had never been to the US before I stepped off the plane to got to orientation and definitely move here with blind faith and the courage of an 18 year old, so far it has worked out in my favor.   I am an Actor and the founder of a women owned production company, Elemental Women Productions . Our mission is to produce and develop femme stories that are largely missing from the industry. The company was something that was in my mind for a long time and then late 2018 there were some circumstances that made me say "f*ck it, what am I waiting for?" and so EWP was formed. I am the second oldest of four daughters and grew up with a very close knit family. I love theater (obviously)  and books, I'm a complete book nerd. I have a senior dog called Cinnamon who is a grumpy old lady who I love to pieces. 
  • What inspires you? What gets you going and motivated to pursue your passions? 
Lots of things inspire me, people and what they do and go through really inspire me. I love hearing peoples stories and what they have overcome or are working through. Other people who are pursuing their dreams and doing good with the world is a huge inspiration to me. I grew up being very strong willed and determined so, a lot of what makes me pursue what I love and am passionate about is honestly, stubbornness. 
  • What advice would you tell your 15yr old self? 
I would say keep going. It will suck but, if you keep going you will make it through.
  • What is the scariest part of pursuing your passions and how do you work through it? 
That it can all fall apart at any moment and that I don't have the ability to stop it. That is the most terrifying thing I think. I keep saying to myself that if it falls apart I will figure it out and that things happen for a reason.
  • What is your dream and how would you encourage others to go after theirs?
My dream is to make a living doing what I love. To just do it. Whats the worst that will happen if you do it? It might fail but trying and failing is better than never trying. 
  • Share a failure and how you overcame it. 
As an actor I have a "survival job" The job that pays my bills while hopefully giving me enough flexibility to audition, perform and do what I love. To do this I have bounced around a lot in different trades, retail, fashion, movie theaters, restaurants and so on. One of these jobs seemed to be really working for me. I was part time, making enough to pay my bills and they worked fairly well with my availability.  However, as time went on, my need for flexibility became an issue, that started scheduling me less and so meant I was in need of finding another job in a hurry so I could make sure to pay my bills. This is something that has been reoccurring in my working life which is completely understandable from an employer perspective. For me I have found a job that works with my availability for now and I have a very understanding and supportive manager. To overcome this I have had to compromise and ultimately choose what is more important at the time. 
Follow her on Instagram and see what she's working on  HERE


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