Black-Owned Brands You Need to Check Out ASAP

When it comes to showing up and making a difference, we have to do more than just posting on social media about the causes we defend. We can sign petitions, educate ourselves, and be vocal about it, but also, we can directly support them by shopping and supporting black-owned brands with our dollars.
On today’s post, we’ll share with you our favorite brands on fashion and beauty:
1.  AJ Crimson
This brand is founded by AJ Crimson, celebrity makeup artist and beauty expert. It was launched out of the necessity of creating products for women of color that didn’t change or oxidize on their skin. With his brand, he wanted to create products that felt inclusive for every type of woman, complexion, and skin type. 
If you love bold brands with strong personality, take a look at KNC Beauty. This is founded by Kristen Noel Crawley who brought to us the very first / THE MOST PERFECT (and natural) lip mask ever. Besides giving you soft lifts, you support a fun, young, mom-owned business.
This brand was born under the idea of creating a sunscreen specifically for black women. This product doesn’t leave white residue on the skin and it's a product that looks and feels uncomfortable on dark skin. 
Every woman deserves to feel comfortable with her own body, and with the clothes she wears. Underwear plays an essential part of this, and that’s why Cherry Blossom Intimates is one of the brands we love. Besides having over 200 bra sizes, they offer silicone prosthetic breasts for breast cancer patients.
Cushnie is a brand created for everyday women that want to get the perfect fit for every single item they wear. They offer effortless, minimalistic, and sexy pieces for modern women that want to look their best and feel powerful and confident. 
Sustainability and fashion are great together, and Hope For Flowers, founded by Tracy Reese, is proof. At the same time, all the clothes are ethically made and take care of nature. They make you feel comfortable, confident, and empowered. We are just obsessed!  
Which other brands do you love? Let us know in the comments below!
by Mimi Alas aka Life With Mims

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