Astrology Update: Creating A New Reality

It is time (Kronos/Saturn) to let go of the Illusions (Neptune). We all have them, all those thoughts and beliefs that we hold on to so dearly. Sometimes it feels like a soft cushion of consolation. Our distorted (Cancer) self-care filled with Illusions and wishful thinking. A Guru or a Buddhist would argue that everything, every moment is an illusion, under the predicament that there is a world or space/dimension that is more real. 

The dimension of the heart, the infinite place of where everything is possible. That is a Spiritual place, a place of much longed-for realization. But I say (for the purpose of this post) lets stick with the simple, lets stick with making our life a bit easier, more functional, more satisfying! The day by day functioning. 

💥 Because without Joy, we lose the connection with Lifeforce (Mars). 

This past Season of three Intense Eclipses which just finished (the Eclipses finished but not the effects of them) clearly taught us that it is time to drop the illusions/little cushions that kept us repeating the same “chasing tail” dance. 

🌱 It's time to grow. 

Like way back then, at the time we believed that our parents are perfect humans or maybe the worst humans ever (the Cancer wound). Now we know (hopefully) that they did the best they could, the best of their ability. They gave us this Life! And so now its time to drop the story and anger (Mars) and transform our anger/Mars into healthy, growing, moving forward (Mercury) motion. 

🌱 Growth is a natural human trait, evolution (Uranus). When we are turned or pushed backward (detours of the Retrogrades), we don’t like it!  But this is the nature of Life, it is a Cycle! We keep passing by the same scenic points. Hopefully, when we pass by/return to old challenges we are not shaken out of place or bend out of shape. This is the goal of growth, having a more balanced reaction, being more grounded when faced with our old “chimeras” (monsters). 

What I am describing is a very real human process.  

🌙 This past New Moon in Cancer was extremely potent in drafting our new path. It is time. A lot of new Cycles are afoot. 

🏹 A good question to ask: How do I want to grow and in which direction-towards what? 

Tips & Aspect Analysis:

🌕 On August 3rd we will have a Full Moon in Aquarius. This Full Moon will almost perfectly square Uranus in Taurus. Abrupt change is afoot, maybe abrupt news. Sudden changes usually feel like the ground is shaken under our feet. Remember, the Universe and your own self are seeking balance, seeking equilibrium. So when something is taken away something new it’s taking its place. 

How to remain stable at this time?

🌟 Tip 1:

Start observing & keeping a personal journal of the Moon Cycles. Twice a month! New Moon & Full Moon. Write a page or a paragraph about what you are feeling those days. Be honest with yourself, take it out on your page. Then a few days after go back and read it. Hear yourself, hold space for yourself. This way you're honoring and connecting with the Sacred Being that is You. Can you hold what is coming out without judgment?

If you practice this, this will be your beginning of Creating a New Reality for yourself. For as long as we look back in human history we will find turmoil and unrest. The difference now as entering the Aquarian Age is that our Consciousness is more developed. 

There are tools, skills, support, and more experience that can help us move through. 

🌟 Tip 2:

Define & Connect with What is Sacred for You:

Your body

Your loved ones (Cancer)

Your food (Virgo/Ceres)

The Earth

Your pets (the planet in your 6th house) 

Your prayer/Meditation (mid-heaven-Neptune)

Your Gratitude (Taurus)

Your Source of Income (Capricorn+Saturn)

Everything & Anything that can ground you in the Sacredness of Life.

It will Center you and help you get back on track! 


Happy Continuation to you all, stay Safe.

Sylvia-Anais 🦋



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