5 Useful Resources to Help with Mental Health

Earlier in the month to celebrate mental health awareness month we had a mental health discussion where we dove deep to discuss the subject as it pertains to our communities of color. It was a huge eye-opener and we left pondering ways we can be of more support. 

Mental Health tends to be an invisible illness that many endure and due to some cultural beliefs it is often hidden under the rug leaving affected individuals to fend for themselves. An important thing we learned and it was brought up quite a bit in the conversation is that self-love and self-care is crucial. We have to take care of ourselves before we take of others. It's not selfish it's survival. 


Here are 5 useful resources to help with mental health

1. Talk Space - It's basically unlimited messaging therapy. Connect with licensed therapists. It's affordable, quick, and easy. 

2. Redefining our WomanhoodRedefining Our Womanhood is a wellness service providing holistic and experiential mental health care. Foundationally, Redefining Our Womanhood prioritizes Black women and all marginalized people accessible resources. Their vision is for all people to have access to personalized, accessible mental health care and tools to live at their highest selves. They provide curated wellness, resources, and holistic care directory. 

3. Better Help- get connected with the most compatible therapist. Check out their directory of therapists and learn a bit about them before you commit. Think of an online dating site but, get matched with a therapist.

4. Asian Mental Health Project -  The Asian Mental Health Project is a website offering different types of resources. As their project grows, it will provide live events and community engagement opportunities catered to the needs of its audience.

5. Latinx Therapy-  A one-stop shop for all things therapy-related for latinx by latinx. They have a podcast, shop, book recommendations, therapy directory and more. 


If there's anything we can do to be of support please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We have cultivated a safe space and network where we can easily be of assistance. Sometimes it's easier to confide in others outside of your family. We are wishing you all the best! Remember, to be kind to yourself.

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