5 Black Influencers You Should Know

One of the things that inspire us a lot, is seeing amazing women from all over the world create content that they enjoy. We are the type of community that enjoys seeing all types of beauty, lifestyle, moms, fitness, and kitchen posts and more! We love seeing people's individual style and sense of self. As you know, we celebrate individuality and support living life in the most authentic way possible. It's quite liberating. 
With that being said, on today’s post, we want to highlight black women that are creating AMAZING (and when we say amazing, WE MEAN IT) content. Take a look at them and get ready to add new creators to your Instagram highlight:
Besides sharing killer beauty looks, she creates fun and engaging content with valuable information for her followers. You can see posts with useful information like how sunscreen helps your skin or friendly reminders to do your daily morning skincare routine
A real-life doll on Instagram! Take a quick look at her feed and you’ll see what we’re talking about!. She’s an LA-based visual director, who had been featured in different magazines like Galore and Vogue.
Her content is full of color photos of how she sees the world. Also, you’ll see some creative hair and makeup looks 
Instagram has gone from space to share your everyday photos, to a place where you can showcase your art, and that’s exactly what Bukunmi has done with hers. 
She’s a photographer and stylist, so she KNOWS what she’s doing with her photos and the inspiring content she’s posting. Because of her talent, she had been featured on Hypebeast, Nike, Vogue and Elle.
Cierra is a fashion model with an impeccable style and high levels of creativity, which is reflected on her Instagram feed, with cool and artistic self-portraits, as well as photos from her work.
Besides fashion, she’s pretty vocal about causes like Black Lives Matter, so you’ll find useful resources and information, in case you want to educate yourself and support this cause. 
If you love makeup, you DEFINITELY have to follow Khai, besides doing killer looks, she raps and sings too!
Her looks are fun, artistic and unique!
If you need some inspiration or you want to discover new music, she’s THE girl you have to follow! 
Which other black influencers should we know?  Let us know in the comments below!
By Mimi Alas @lifewithmims

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