Just like you, we're obsessed with the latest trends when it comes to beauty and self-care. We're always looking for the coolest products on the industry and the ones that do wonders for our skin.
On today's post, more than sharing with you the latest products, we'll be sharing our favorite ones that will make you feel (and look) like a KWEEN.
       1. Sol Body Oils
Raise your hand if you love glitter!! Sol Body, Colourpop's sister brand, has the coolest -and most affordable- shimmer body oils ever. Their formula is not sticky and very hydrating, making your skin feel smooth and with a gorgeous glow. 
  1. Born This Way Concealer
It's time to say goodbye to those annoying circles with the fabulous Born This Way Concealer by Too Faced. It gives you full coverage, while their colors suit almost every skin tone. Also, it's long-lasting and it doesn't make those annoying creases under the eyes. 
Our verdict: 10/10

  1. Pür Cosmetics Fully Charged Mascara
The packaging of this product is just pür perfection! The special edition of this product has a light on it, so it easier for you to see your lashes while you are applying mascara. When it comes to the results, you'll get long and volumized lashes with it. Apply 3 or 4 coats on the upper lashes and just a small one on the lower lashes, and girl, you won't need anything else for your eye makeup, the lashes will be more than enough!
  1. KKW Beauty Skin Perfecting Body Foundation
Internet's queen and entrepreneur, Kim Kardashian, really knows how to create the right product to look as flawless as she looks. The Skin Perfecting Body Foundation, a creamy formula, is your best friend when it comes to achieving a healthier and more glowy skin, also it enhances the tone and gives your legs and arms a smooth look. It also hides imperfections making it look like they don't exist!
  1. Shayde Beauty Activated Charcoal Mask
We love new brands and Shayde Beauty is one of them! We've tried their Detoxifying Charcoal mask and it has become one of our favorite skin-care products ever since it makes your skin glow by eliminating impurities and toxins. Our favorite part about this, besides the results, is its delicious smell! 
We highly recommend these products. if you want to treat yourself and have a little gift from you to you these are perfect! We promise you you'll look and feel amazing!
Which products do you recommend? We're obsessed with beauty products. Can't wait to hear your recommendations!

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