4 Tips on How to Get Back on Track After The Holidays

After spending days eating delicious food, going to fun parties, exchanging gifts with our loved ones and binge-watching all the Hallmark channel Christmas movies, the new year kicked in and the holiday break is officially over. Is it us or has it been hard to get back on track to our daily life?

Your body feels exhausted, hours feel longer and your body is still craving all those sweet treats you ate at that time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  Don’t worry, it’s completely normal but, with a little change of mindset, you’ll be able to start with the best vibes and energy so you can focus on your 2020 resolutions.

We’ll share with you 4 tips in order to get back on track after the Holidays and feel amazing about yourself.


  • Mark Your Calendar

  • Have you heard the quote “if it’s not on the calendar, it doesn’t exist?” Well, we encourage you to make this quote yours and start using a planner, a board or apps like Google Calendar in order to schedule all your plans, meetings and deadlines in one place and start sticking to them.

    Starting the year organized will give you a better sense and idea of what you want, where do you want to go and what are your priorities for this year and it’ll keep you motivated all year round.

  • Start slow 

  • It’s important to take your time to do what’s important and meaningful to you, so don’t rush or feel pressured to have everything together the first two weeks of the year. You have 366 days to work on yourself, your dreams and goals. It’s okay if you've felt unmotivated to start working out, eating healthy or pursuing your resolutions. Don’t be so hard on yourself and instead of feeling worried about everything you’re not doing, start doing small changes that at the end of the day, will bring more meaningful and powerful results. 

  • Never underestimate the power of the daily 15

  • Adrienne Houghton (yes, the former Cheetah Girl) shared in one of her videos from her Youtube Channel that something that changed and improved her life was taking 15 minutes for herself and using that time to meditate, journal and pray. 

    15 minutes is not much time and you can do it early in the morning or right before you go to bed. Use that time to give yourself some encouraging words, to journal, to light some candles, to listen to your favorite podcast or TED Talk and we promise you you’ll feel renewed after this. 


  • Write down your biggest goal for this year and put it on a visible place

  • We believe in the power of visualization and manifestation.  We want to encourage you to write down your biggest dream for this year and put in on a place where you can see it every day.

    Is your dream to be able to go to Europe? To feel good about your body? To buy a new car? You can achieve it by doing small tasks or activities daily that will lead you to it.

    Having something that makes you feel excited and motivated can be a fuel for those days when you feel slow and your brain is still on #VacationMode and also, it will keep you busy, so there’s no time for bad thoughts and vibes.


    What have you done to get back on track and how has it made you feel? Let us know! Perhaps it'll help someone in our audience. 

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