4 Holiday Trends You Must Try

Hello to the Holiday season!! Everyone right now is in the mood for parties, celebrations, secret Santa games or just getting together to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
With these celebrations come the stress and the all-time question of “What should I wear?" Don't worry! We got you! And on this post, we’ll share with you 4 Holiday trends you can look and feel like a queen at your next holiday party.
1. Hot Colors
We’ve always had the idea that Holiday means glitter, gold, silver and all things metallic, but this year, bold colors are what you need in your closet. What about a red or pink coat? an orange top? Yellow leather jacket? Fuschia skirt? You’ll be the center of attention!
Pair these colors with neutral tones like white or black so they can stand out and keep your makeup soft. Remember the center of attention has to be your bold piece.
2. Feathers
No, we don’t want you to look like a big bird! We want you to look chic and trendy, and that’s why we’re not talking about the typical bird-like feathers, we’re talking about the plush ones (they look really small and thin). Add them on tops with sleeves or with transparent fabric. Also, try adding them to your little purses or bags! You’ll love the Carrie Bradshaw vibes you’ll get with these looks.
3. 80’s Bell Sleeves
Do you remember the big sleeves on your mom’s 80’s dresses or tops? They’re back in 2019 and they are the ultimate party trend! Don’t be scared to wear them (the bigger the better!).
Since they are big and notorious, you have to balance the rest of your outfit with basic pieces like skinny jeans or bodycon skirts that make the sleeves the center of attention. If you want to keep the 80’s trend, add metallic statement earrings or a bandana, in case you want a preppy-chic-Blair Waldorf vibe.
4. Blazer Dresses
If you have social media, we’re sure you’ve seen this kind of dress around Instagram during this season. They are really versatile and super flattering to any kind of body shape since they create the illusion of a narrow waist and longer legs.
If you want to invest in one, make sure it’s a basic color like white or black, but if you want to have fun, we recommend you to try a hot pink or red. You’ll look fabulous wearing these dresses. When it comes to shoes, use pumps or high heel sandals (if you have transparent ones, better!) and finally, a sexy little clutch. 
Which trends are you wearing for your next celebration?
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